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  1. Oh... I dont have that on my keyboard... Anyways, if I do that, then would it let me fill in trash bytes?
  2. Shodu made a video about how to make pokemon and he used the recent version of Pokegen and when he filled in trash bytes, he was able to fill in the nickname with a lot of characters 9(/FFFF/0000/ and repeated)until it said length limit reached. But when I do it, I can only fill in 11 characters and it says limit reached. I cant fill in trash bytes. Why? Someone help me.
  3. So I caught a Xerneas and want to know if I should keep it... LV. 51 Timid Nature Characteristic- Like to Trash About HP - 192 ATK - 139 DEF - 118 SPATK - 154 SPDEF - 117 SPD - 115
  4. there is a section underneath where it says characteristics, that shows this: 1 (A-B-C-D) 2 (A-B-C-E) 3 (A-B-C-F) 4 (A-B-D-E) 5 (A-B-D-F) 6 (A-B-E-F) 7 (A-C-D-E) 8 (A-C-D-F) 9 (A-D-E-F) 10 (B-A-C-D) R 11 (B-A-C-D) U CS - Chained Shiny I Believe this is something for shiny PIDs. How does this work? Also, in Pokegen, it says Unknown for the characteristics when I put 31 for every stat. Why?
  5. Are the SIDs of Event pokemon 00000?
  6. What does it mean if a trainer tells you that he/she saw the trainer up a while ago? does that mean the previous floor? I started at floor 17 so does that mean he/she is on the 16th floor??
  7. Are the SID's for event pokemon all 0? And for the PID finders, if you click the "f" button, underneath the Characteristics, is shows 1 A-B-C-D, 2 A-B-C-E, 3 A-B-C-F, 4 A-B-D-E and so on until 11 B-A-C-D (U) and finally CS Chained Shiny. What do these mean?
  8. Are the Shiny PID's generated in Pokegen/Pokesav legal?
  9. Galath03


    He also says that those stats can't be beat so they are 31 IV
  10. Galath03


    Hey Guys! I just caught mewtwo and I kinda like its stats. I don't know but what do you guys think? Mewtwo Lv.70 Jolly Nature HP 250 ATK 176 DEF 152 SP ATK 217 SP DEF 143 SPEED 212 The IV judge says it has relatively superior stats overall. He says its best potential lies in its HP, SP DEF and SP ATK, he says that they are all equally good. Is this a good Mewtwo???
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