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  1. Guys i really need your help on this.

    I had 2 3ds' n both of them were broken. One was jap and the other was eng.

    I had two games..one was jap n the other was eng.

    I used to use pkhex and create pokemon and then used to inject them using cyber gadget.

    I have heard that we cannot do that any more and i have heard u still can. I want to buy and start creating again.. and all i want to know is does the same method still work?

    I stopped last year in dec..

    Please help

    Ps: i had pokebank so i was able to transfer pokes from jap to eng and viceversa.

    Save Editor still works just fine.

  2. You know, everybody should be patient. I know that everybody wants everything right now, but these things take time. Also, these guys that make tools like this have lives that exist outside of this forum and game. Maybe the reason why things haven't been going so fast is that other things that absolutely matter are taking up his time. It's not like the whole thing is broken anyway. It's not like you cannot generate things right now with the device. It is just that it takes longer to do it. That's the way we had to do it before this tool. Generate the code and play on the hex editing side of thing until the updated program launches. Everybody will just have to be patient. From translating to programming, these things take time. Give him some breathing room, and it will happen eventually.

    One thing is for certain, everybody should be thankful that we had the tool at all and should quit beating up on him because he hasn't posted an update.

  3. Most of the "emulators" out there are are outright fakes. They have those claiming to have 3DS emulation for years. If you clicked on them, you were taken to spam sights, scammed out of money, or downloaded a virus.

    There have been some recent developments in emulators for the PC that can play commercial games, but this is very early in the process. There has only been one commercial game that I am aware of that has been shown to work (albeit I have only seen about a 30 second video which only showed the intro video to the game, but that does not mean that actually playing the game is impossible on it), and it is a very early game in the library with a much more simplistic save encryption architecture compared to the newest games. Pokemon even uses a different save system all together compared to this game, let alone a different type of save encryption. I'm not knocking on the work that this group has made. It is a big step compared to where things have been; however, if you are waiting for a fully functional, run all ROMs, 3DS emulator for PC, you will still be waiting for a bit most likely.

    Also, do not PM that key. I do not want it and even if you did do it, I would just delete the message.

  4. To break it down very simplistically,

    Each 3DS has it's own unique "key" for encryption. The master program that generates the "key" is on an area of the 3DS that nobody has been able to dump it from. It then dumps the "key" to a section of the 3DS that is write only (meaning that a computer cannot read the data from that section. This relegates you trying to either intercept the data between the chip and the write only section (which would be like trying to shoot the wings off of a fly using a pellet gun from over a mile away) or ripping the generator code itself (which is stored on a certain chip.) Ripping it from the chip is not an easy thing to do as evidenced by the fact that nobody has done it yet. It requires basically deconstructing a chip (and therefore trashing a 3DS) and then trying to extract the information out of it that way. It is by no means a guaranteed thing that you will even succeed when you try it. It also requires specialized equipment, know-how, and most importantly, money.

    This inability to extract the this (which is a major part of the security apparatus for the system) is why there is not a 3DS emulator out there. It is also why there is not much in the way of dedicated hacking resources by groups when you have other work arounds that are well established, developed, and easier/cheaper to accomplish (such as Gateway/MT-Card, the installation of developer tools via things like Gateway, Ninjahax, etc.) Granted, these work arounds are always vulnerable to being patched by Nintendo, but there will always be holes in security programs where exploits can be found no matter what Nintendo does. The biggest difference is that the above mentioned vulnerabilities are software based whereas extracting what you are basically wanting is based on a hardware method (which is much harder to break in this instance.)

    Finally, this is description is very basic. It is much more complicated than this overall. If you absolutely want to know more about it, I suggest that you take the time to learn about the security architecture of the 3DS. This will then make the save encryption system make more sense. Major hacking forums are other good resources. However, I will caution you to not just show up and basically say "Teach me how to hack a 3DS." That will get you shot down really quick. People like to hate on hackers for being "secretive" and "unwilling to share knowledge." That is usually the furthest from the truth. Imagine somebody showing up to your job who has put no effort to even remotely study up what it is that you do and having them say, "teach me everything there is to know about whatever it is that you do." As annoying as that would be, imagine that multiplied by 500 other people. If you make a basic attempt to study up on things (like I did) and then go to these forums, you will have a much more pleasant experience overall. There will be things that you get wrong, but these guys are actually very helpful if they see that you made a good faith effort to try to understand what they are doing/being faced with. Instead of showing up like the above mentioned example, you will look more like somebody who has a genuine interest in what they are doing and will usually be met with more open arms.

  5. CyberGadget only works with Japanese region carts. Once a save is altered, it still has to be sent to their servers to be encrypted and then sent back to your computer so that it can be rewritten to the cart. Save encryption is not a universal constant like previous generations of consoles (Game Boy, GBA, etc.) You can't use a decryption "key" for one of my carts and use it to decrypt your's (unlike previous generations.) The reason for this is complicated unless you know some basic facts of how the 3DS handles saves. You can find the facts in various places. We've rehashed it here in other topics, but it was a while back in the original PKHeX thread, if I recall correctly. Long story short, unless Datel changes their business model on how they are handling PowerSaves (such as emulating what Cyber is doing with the Save Editor), the only thing that PowerSaves will ever be is basic, pre-made by the company only, save editor.

  6. 1+2. so the method isn't fool proof, or only if u made non normal adjustments? Is it catchable when using "normal" values. They shouldnt be able to see difference?

    Also for wifi battles it is generally considered "safe"? so not talking about tournaments but regular play.

    3. cool ill try that

    4. still my questions of the IV's of charmander lv 1 I have. if 31 perfec iv's . shouldnt it have 31 iv's at level 1? just making sure it is intended not PKhex bug or something.

    Refer you to info? what info, not sure what you mean here.

    But thanks ill google for those tuts right away.

    The info referral was the fact that I referred you to go to Google and giving you the search parameters to go look for.

    If you do it correctly, nobody should be able to tell the difference between a hacked Pokemon and one caught in the game. The key term being "if you do it correctly." People think that just because the Nintendo hack checks don't catch it means that they did it correctly. That is incorrect.

    I believe that you have a fundamental misunderstanding of the IV system. Just because you set an IV to 31 doesn't mean that a Pokemon at level one will have an HP or ATK stat of 31. Here are some more further readings for you.



  7. To what should I pay attention to, to make it look "legal" "trustworthy"?

    Can you get banned for this when using online and in contests? And if so, is it likely to happen?

    Or only if put in unrealistic information that that pokemon shouldn't have? if it contains good information it "SHOULD" be safe? No promises ofcourse

    I made a charmander with 31 IV's and 510 EV's level 1.

    Shouldn't it have more stats then 5-6-7-6-7 at level 1 then? Shouldn't it have 31 IV's?

    Or do they iv's grow overtime relatively? Did I mess something up?

    How to make it look realisticly like u got this pokemon breeded from an egg with perfect IV's?

    Is setting the location in this important? like Met location met date, met level, egg met conditions, egg date.

    I have not noticed things like father or mother in this program, or any abilities that may have passed down..?

    for my charmander I said I got it from an egg lv 1 , with scratch, growl, shiny and with perfect IV/EV's.

    As a general rule, this post is not the place to ask "How can I hack a Pokemon and make it look legal?". This is about the program PKHeX and how to troubleshoot problems that may arise with the program and for the OP to post updates.

    I will answer some of your questions really quickly and refer you to info to help answer the rest.

    1. Can I get banned from contests if I use a hacked Pokemon? Yes. Most contests take this seriously. If they catch you, then it is a automatic ban. Some do it even if they catch a hacked Pokemon that you didn't even generate (ex. being traded a hacked Pokemon from a friend, etc.)

    2. Will you get banned from online, Nintendo sponsored contests? I haven't heard about them enforcing that, but they could certainly try to find a way to do so if they wanted to.

    3. How do I make it look legal, etc, etc, etc? There are dozens of tutorials on this across the web. PKHeX is for all intents and purposes the successor the Pokegen. Just go to Google or your favorite search engine and search for Pokegen tutorial on how to generate a "legal" Pokemon. I just did that and got good hits (vids and written tutorials) on how to do it.

  8. Well I definitely want those two new moves really badly like I just don't have the money to buy a Cyber Gadget Save Editor it is really expensive.

    They will probably make an edit for them once it is released mainstream (or about to be released.) The biggest limitation is the fact that they do not allow for custom editing, so it will have to be attached to a fake event pokemon most likely (unless they make a move editor which does not seem very likely since they have done that yet.) In all, you probably will not see what you are wanting happen until they do the usual sequel for X/Y, so you may have to wait awhile if you can't go the Cyber Save Editor route.

  9. So... If I use the PKHex to create a torchic born in Hoenn, it will be legal or not? IF a pokemon is transported to sixth gen game, his pid change, right?

    For the last time, please listen. You have been told the answer several times.

    1. A legal pokemon is one that has only moves, abilities, IV's, and EV's that can be found on that pokemon naturally in the game. Any legal pokemon that is created by an outside program (either using the gen 6 games or the previous ones) are considered legal by not legitimate. They were not captured in game and raised. This is not a conviction of whether it is right or wrong but this is the generally accepted stance from those who do not get militant about either side of the argument.

    2. For the last time, this thread is not about legality, legitimacy, etc. If you continue have questions about these things, please post it on the appropriate board. It gets really annoying trying to sift through all of these off topic posts to find the legitimate ones that actually has something to do with PKHeX.

  10. Its all brand new my game my 3ds all of them i bought is new. I already played to the pokedex and i was ready to get started and now this..

    Maybe i have to play further? I also set the game language to english, maybe thats a thing?

    Setting the language to English is not the problem. I have a couple of carts set to English and have swapped languages while testing the Save Editor/PKHeX combo and have not had this issue. I don't have a solution for you, but I can at least eliminate this as being a factor.

  11. Hi, this seems amazing, but I'm just wondering, and it's probably a very dumb question, but is this possible on a European 3DS and a European game? It's probably not and already answered, but I want to be sure. I'm sorry if this question makes you facepalm, but I really want to know.

    You need a used Japanese cart at the very least.

    If you buy a new a Japanese cart, you will need to have a Japanese unit to initialize the save.

  12. After having used powersaves with my pokemon X the game became corrupted.

    Not even backups or game restarts are working, it just instantly becomes a corrupted file

    A few times it went past the reset but once inside the game its impossible to save, the game just freezes during the saving progress.

    Is there any fix for this problem?

    The fact that you are able to go into the game and it freezes shortly afterward makes it sound like you have a partial brick. SciresM posted video of his partial brick that behaved like that months ago after the huge Powersaves brick wave. I don't think that he nor anybody else ever figured out how to fix a partial one. The good news is that Bank should still be able to retrieve the Pokemon off of the cart since the 3DS recognizes it. If I recall, that was the only thing that SciresM could even do. At least you should be able to salvage your Pokemon and transfer them to another cart.

  13. Yea I watched the video several times and still have questions. And he didn't do the bank method so yea.

    But you have been told repeatedly about the Bank method for days including what is needed, what isn't needed, and how to do it. The last time was yesterday in the post that I referred you to. Here are the posts where you have had this answered:

    386, 388, 391

    These are in addition to the other posts asking the same thing. In one of these posts, Kaphotics himself even told you everything. What more do you want?

  14. Watch the video that Kaphotics made. The reason why he made the video was because we have been getting the same questions now for a week and a half, and they have been repeatedly answered. You've been asking the same questions now for the last several pages over the last several days, so just please watch that video. Somebody even gave you a link to it. It case you don't know where to find it, look at the very first post by Kaphotics.

    Will the device be future proof? Probably, but who knows. The sun may go nova several million years from now or it may go nova in 30 minutes. You buy this device with the risk that it will become obsolete yesterday. That is the chance you take when buying these devices. Nobody can guarantee you anything other than it currently works on X/Y Japanese carts. Nothing more, nothing less.

  15. Wait so if I use the bank method, like have a JP x or y used ( that has obtained the Pokedex) , Save editor, PkHex, but not a JP 3ds instead a US one will it still work? Because remember games are region locked and you would be putting a JP game In a US console. Some one Is telling me it wont work, is this true?

    Dude, the answer to this question hasn't changed since the last time you asked it and it was answered on the last page in post #391.

    I hate to be rude, but some of you seriously need to take time to read the answers that we all are providing you instead of asking the same question 3 times.

  16. Hello!

    I am thinking in buying a Powersave just to clone, have some items without much effort and not much more...

    I searched in some threads here and I know there's a new device that only works in the japanese 3DS and games and is better than Powersaves to do what I want.

    Is it early to expect the same device here in Europe and I should buy Powersaves or I really be better waiting?

    It is early to expect it. Cyber Gadget is a company that is strongly entrenched in Japan and has not spread outside of it in any major way. As long as Datel doesn't feel heat from them worldwide, there is really no reason for them to provide a different product. Does that mean that Datel will never do it, no. It does mean that there is nothing to cause them to immediately want to change their business strategy, so nobody but Datel can tell you what their long term plans are. I personally do not see them moving away from their current model anytime soon unless Cyber Gadget or some other company begins to encroach on their territories. This is just my opinion.

    If all you are mainly wanting to do is cloning and get some items (depending on what they are), just get a Powersaves. It is cheaper and will do the job (it may not get you all the items that you want.) If items are a big thing for you though, then you are looking at getting the Save Editor, a Japanese cart, and a Japanese 3DS which will cost you a considerable amount of money. These are just my opinions (I own a Save Editor and Japanese 3DS by the way), and I still maintain that unless you have the money to burn or you already own a Japanese 3DS and games, it is overkill and a huge waste of money to just buy it for one game.

    Even the people who are buying it to use with a used Japanese cart so that they can just hack in Pokemon and place them in Bank (the 3DS is region locked so you can't play the game; however, Bank will recognize the cart and let you deposit hacked Pokemon (with no items of course)) are not using nearly half of what the device and PKHeX can do. In my opinion, that just makes it a huge expense to only use a fraction of a device's power. It would be like driving a Veyron on downtown New York City streets during rush hour only.

    These are only my opinions though, and I'm sure some will agree and some will disagree. Hopefully, this will help you weigh out the pros and cons for yourself so that you can form your own opinion.

  17. The GameStop Promos rarely have anything to do with the movies (although they are usually the ones distributing the movie promos when they come to the US.)

    They usually coincide with something to spur orders or sale Pokemon games. This Diancie is more than likely going to be used to drive pre-order sales of the new games since Mega Diancie is one of the big points being made in the promo vids/ads as of late.

  18. But how do you even know it's the very same hardware? The Save Editor 2 is not even released yet. It comes out in a few weeks. Maybe the firmware is upgradeable on that one while it isn't on the first one? Just a guess. I never bought Cyber Gadget products.

    If you look at the company website, it lists the games that are supported by both devices. They are identical. Here is a link to their main website showing supported games. Some of the games that they say are to be added by use of Save Editor 2 are already available on Save Editor 1. These are crudely translated by Google Translate for ease of reading.


    Then, there is this link: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.cybergadget.co.jp%2F1000 (again a very crude translation provided by means of google translate)

    In the red box on that page (which is sounds kind of weird when google translate pops out a translation), there is a message for current users of Save Editor. If my translation is correct, the gist of the box is this. Current users can already get most of the updates that are to be provided by Save Editor 2 (with a few new things withheld for now) by means of an automatic update. It goes on the say further that once Save Editor 2 is available, the rest of the updates will be updated for free. Again, this is if my translation is correct.

    When I installed the software and hooked the dongle up to it, it did a series of updates. I'm pretty certain that I saw a reference to updating the firmware, but to be honest, I wasn't paying particularly close attention while it was doing all of it.

    So in the end, if my translation is correct, this is basically Powersaves and Powersaves Pro.

  19. Cyber save editor 2 is an upgraded versions of the original CyberGadget save editor.

    It's not an upgraded version. It's the same dongle. The only difference is that version 2 has the updated software on the disc while the original has the first software on disc. When you install the software and run the device, it will update to the new software for free.

    It is the same as Powersaves and Powersaves Pro. Same device, new packaging. Nothing more, nothing less.

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