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  1. While this isn't a FAQ thread, I'll make an exception and explain how to collect those events personally.

    As these events are region locked, you need to fulfill either of the following:

    A. Your 3DS is natively same region as event.

    B. You're on an emunand that is region changed to same region (we are not at liberty to discuss how to do so)

    C. You're on FW =< 9.2, and have NTR + language plugin of the same region (Don't ask here)

    If you fail all above criteria,

    You have to wait for contribution and inject using pkhex

    Thanks for your explanation.

    I just saw the discussions about pokemon center events in previous pages and it seems that PC events are not region-locked. So, is it possible to receive the gift distributed in PC now using the software?

    And, Is there any current NZ events for Japanese and US software?

    Thank you very much.

  2. While using PkHEX to change some items, it seems that we often mistakenly change items that we didn't want to change. For example, when we roll the mouse or the scroll bar, it is quite possible to change an item by mistake if the focus is on this item. Sometimes, that will result in multiple entries of an item even though I don't know if this would lead to the corruption or illegitimacy of the save data.

    Is it possible to add some features to avoid this case?

    Thank you.

  3. Do you mean the text in this image?


    The only problem I can see is that it looks like the "1" is half-width and it was probably supposed to be full-width.

    This doesn't affect the pgf file, so I don't think I'll change the image just for this small thing.

    Yes, it is.

    Yes, it is the problem with the "1", which should be full-width.

    Anyway, thank you for verifying the legality of Tohoku Jirachi. I'm looking forward to the wondercard of sixth generation.

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