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  1. thank you for your help Evan, I have decided to let codemonkey85 fix my Heatran if he is still willing to. If he does then this will be sorted, if he doesn't wish to anymore I'll get a regular one and try to use those software But i'm still not getting any luck with Pokedit. If codemokey is willing to trade, i'll trade with him at 6pm his time (if he is free that is) and give him my messed Heatran to replace lava plume with Eruption and then trade it back
  2. thank you evan I shall try that. codemonkey, I would like to accept your proposal, I still have the messed up one. But I feel a little uneasy editing it myself, if you would help It would be very noble. When would I be able to trade it to you to edit? I need the move "lava plume, changed to Eruption" like it was before. I'm only worried that something would go wrong, that's why I asked for a clone. but as you said, " if no one wants to give you their Heatran or generate one or whatever, your other option is to trade your messed up Heatran to someone through wifi." So if that's the case I will. Just for question sake, does that software edit all stats?, If something goes wrong I have another Heatran (a Japanese normal one I got through trading) as backup. I have the necessary stats recorded ready to give to you. seeing as i'm exactly 5 hours ahead we'll have to arrange a time to trade.
  3. Just to make sense. I got the event Pokemon from Guardian signs (Pokemon ranger) and sent it through Heartgold to White. I Need it on Pokemon White because that's the only game I have WiFi on. I suppose I could use a emulator, but I have tired to use the programs and sites that send Pokemon to B/W GTS before and have failed each and every time. Thank you for your reply, I will try and use your steps. But I am hoping someone would trade one to me because I have tried those such methods before with no prevail, It has lead me to believe they do not work for me.
  4. I have pokemon white (I have WiFi due to WPA), I traded it forward from heartgold (where I have no WIFI due to WEP). I'm asking someone with pokegen to get the event heatran from pokedit onto HG/SS/PL/P/D and trade it forward to give to me now on my pokemon white. This whole mess started in daycare when I was mislead to believe Heatran could be bred, and so I accidently put my special event heatran in daycare, thus changing the moves so I'm asking someone to humbly give me a replacement through thoughts of generosity because all the editing software I tried, it never works. (P.S. I dont want to be related to action replay, I'm not that sort of guy. I got the Pokemon legitimately first of all and wish someone who can to give a clone to me [well...what it was before the incident anyway, I have the data written down]) (P.P.S: No-where near me sells those such devices, I'm in England) I cannot get the event Pokemon on my HG though pokegen / pokegts.us because I have a WPA router that only allows pokemon white WiFi. That's why i'm relying on a trade from someone else.
  5. please, I am in great distress since I accidentally put it in daycare and its moves changed. I beg of anyone to trade me one again, any Pokemon ranger Heatran would do. He was my favorite and I hate myself for screwing up. Please, I am begging from one fan to another, help me.

    <p><p><p><p><p><p>I am a long time fan of the Pokemon generations up to sinnoh. I was fist introduced to Pokemon with my first game 'Pokemon Red' (that still works on my GB colour). I have a vintage party of Pokemon that I have traded on from fire-red (GBA) through the games consisting of: charizard, Pigeot, Dragonite and Lapras. My party has since grown when I beat the later games in Hoen and Sinnoh adding two new member to the pack: Heatran and Rotom</p></p></p></p></p></p>

    <p><p><p><p><p><p>Me and my Pokemon have witnessed many events, leagues and hostile gangs along the way, but stand undefeated and united through the desire of exploration and adventure. Charizard comes from Kanto years ago and we have allot of history, partnered with Lapras in the exploration of the orange islands, the party started to grow, and from there the adventure began...</p></p></p></p></p></p>


  7. Recently I have achieved a event Heatran from 'Pokemon ranger: Guardian signs' legitimately in-game and sent it to my Pokemon White. But after putting it in daycare it has lost all special event moves rendering it useless. I became upset seeing as I could no longer resend it to my 'heart-gold' because of the one time send (ranger - trainer) or the editing of pokedit because I no longer have a 'Wep' router. I also find even if I get all the steps right on pokedit, I can never receive any of the chosen Pokemon from my Pokemon white GTS. I am asking for help, either on how to fix my pokedit problem or trade me a new event heatran, it would be very noble if you to reply. the pokemon I wish to get back that I lost is a: Male Heatran with a Quiet nature Obtained 06/06/2012 arrived at lv. 50 Fateful encounter sturdy body and the rest default pokemon ranger event levels and stats. if someone has pokedit on their Heartgold could they get the event Heatran with my specifications, then trade it to me through a black / white game Please help me, thank you for your time. (this is not cheating, my original event Heatran got 'messed' 'up' and I need a replacement, I still have it with the OT and everything, just its event moves are deleted [aka: Eruption and Lava plume]) I grew very attached to that Heatran as I used it in all random match-ups as my special strategy, I beg of anyone to help me get it once again.
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