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  1. No, it won't get EVs, so they will level up weaker. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/EV
  2. Oniyoru

    Mistery Gift

    For the pokemons...all you need is to get the .pkm files from that .pcd...PokeGen and PokeSav can help you with that http://www.projectpokemon.org/pokegen/ And then sending then via GTS to HGSS http://www.pokegts.us/ is great for that Note: You'll need a WEP connection for that just take off any pass from ur connection so HGSS can connect online For the items (like routes) as far I know you need an AR
  3. Route 26 and Indigo Plateau both work too.
  4. I was able to emulate Wonder Card with a Pokemon distribution rom. During my testing process I got by mistake a Japanese Event Mew, which now of course prevents me from getting the NA Anniversary Mew. I want to know If I can get another one via Mystery Gift, if I deleted the card and release the pokemon, or if there's another way. Note: I still dun have a AR so I can't use Pokesav to get my save from DS and edit.
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