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  1. Thank you! Never actually played 4th gen during a wondercard dist, hopefully this will solve my problem!
  2. How do I unlock the mystery gift option..?
  3. I guess my issue, I'm repeating the same process but pokegen crashes everytime I try an save the wondercard to the save state, am I doing sonething wrong? Bad rom? Am I not far enough in the game?
  4. I have figured out how to recieve 5th gen wondercards on rom, i apologies for my ignorance im fairly new to the process. Obviously the files are different for 4th gen wondercards are they compatable with pokegen to upload to a sav for a 4th gen rom? Is there a different process? Or a different program? Any help would be appreciated, thank you for reading!
  5. Thank you very much for the input, will definentlh try this out. Reason I'm using an emulator is cause I don't have an AR for gba and there 60+$ on ebay so trying for a cheaper option ha. Edit: actually how would I go about getting the sav to my retail kart; guess that is my only question on your info, if you can elaborate, I'd appreciate it. Thanks again!
  6. Been searching the net forever for answers, have a general idea. I have been trading over on reddit r/pokemontrades, have seen several shiny birth island deoxys I know they were obtained on emulators. Just curious if anyone has tried or knows how abouts to.. go about this process. Have an r4 chip on the way in the mail. Guess my problem isn't so much getting the deoxys but getting it to a game cartridge. I am aware I could just download one I know what I want isn't considered legit, but regardless I would like it to be unique, my OT, non masterballed etc. Etc. Hope someone knows what I'm talking about, would appreciate any help/info. Thank you!
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