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  1. Weird... it works. So pretty much for Diamond and Pearl I need to make a new game directly on DeSmuME. At least it helps on the roms themselves. Too bad my actual Pearl US/J and Diamond J cart saves aren't able to be edited still.
  2. But what would cause it now? I changed everything. I'm not using the same Save-Game Manager or version of the firmware I was originally using anymore. I just want to know why this is happening and a way to fix it. Once again this is only happening to every thing Pearl and Diamond version I have tried so far and no other Pokemon version.
  3. To just make sure, I changed my Save-Game Manager and I updated my R4 with the latest Wood R4 download. I then quickly made a new save and then tried to simply changed my starter's level to 1 right after getting it. Pokegen still crashed. I don't know what to do anymore.
  4. But why is it only doing it on every Pokemon Pearl and Diamond save I make and not on Platinum, Gold, Silver, Black, White, Black 2, or White 2? Both English and Japanese versions I might add.
  5. These 2 are from the roms. Didn't add the one from the Cart or the 2 from Diamond. Should I add the other 3 .savs in there? Pokemon Pearl..zip
  6. Never had trashbytes.exe give me the right trashbytes for my pokemon.
  7. I will go by looks. The water one looks a lot better than the other two.
  8. The problem I see though is that hasn't happened to Gold/Silver/Black/Black2/White/White2/WhiteJapan/BlackJapan .savs that I've either pulled from the carts or from the roms that were used on the r4. Why would it only do this to the Pearl games and on both the cart .sav and every rom I downloaded .sav? I haven't tried it on Diamond or Platinum. Edit: Actually I recall using my English Pearl cart and editing the .sav a few days ago and didn't do this. So from all of the Pokemon games I've tried, All English .savs work and all Japanese .savs worked except every Japanese .sav for Pearl Japanese Edition. As I said I have not tried this on Diamond or on Platinum on either English or Japanese. Edit #2: I just tried it on my japanese Platinum .sav and it didn't close and worked fine. Problem is I would really like this to work on Pearl.
  9. I'm confused. The final change I tried was just changing the Piplup's level and that made it close and not do any changes.
  10. No dmp from the looks of it. I'm in Windows 7, I'm using uh. These carts seem identical. It's the R4i 3DS Revolution from r4ids.cn, but the saves are from my actual Japanese copy and the others are from about 3 different versions I saw on a site. The change I made was I simply added 100 to all of my item counts and just added 10 levels to my Piplup and put it into my party. Before this, I was trying to add Mystery Gifts on the 1st time I tried it, but I don't know what was the cause so the final time all I did was edit my bag count and the Piplup.
  11. Did a quick search, but I don't seem to see a solution anywhere. I've decided to start up a new file on my Pokemon Pearl (already made a back-up of my main file) and tried to do a few edits on PokeGen. The problem is PokeGen makes a .bak file of the .sav and then closes. It doesn't save any of the changes either. I thought the problem was my Pearl so I tried several different roms and for all of them I would tell it to save the file and it would close down on me. Why is it doing this? It's Pokemon Pearl Japanese edition btw. And yes, I did check and it did say that the target game was set to Diamond/Pearl automatic so I don't think that's the problem.
  12. Thanks so much! It took a while, but faster than originally. Going to set up a few folders for all of my boxes to move them easier from now on.
  13. I tried using some other, terrible program a while ago to change a few things in Join Avenue and my Trainer information when I noticed that it seems that the program erased a few boxes of my Pokemon and I got really far into the game. I have made a few backups of my save files so I still have all my Pokemon, but it's about 4 or so boxes I will need to get over which would be 120 .pkm files I have to load and save and move one by one which will be very very tedious.
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