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  1. Hey everybody, I have a problem with the game. It makes me angry. I changed the movesets of some Pokemon like Charmander, Pidgey and so on. So when Charmander learns ThunderPunch on Level 9 nothing happens, the game doesn't freeze. But if Pidgey learns Wing Attack at Level 9 it freezes and says: "An error has occured. Please turn off the power." What can I do? I made a new hack because I thought that this problem could go away when I hack everything again. Is this another anti piracy freeze thing? If yes, is there any code? Thanks for answers. Greetings
  2. Thanks a lot. I have another question if it is no problem. And that's the following: I hacked the rom and started the game. I chose Charmander and fought against Snivy. I gained Exp. Points they are perfect points. But my problem is now Charmander needs 91 xp to the 6th level. I edited with BWSE Stats Editor Charmander and a lot of other Pokemon and when I wanted to control Charmander I saw that there was space for base xp. Charmander's base xp was 64. And there was a max. xp 1,059,000. I changed it to 800,000 and it needed 74 xp points for level up. Then I thought hmm... ok... then 600,000 max. xp but then it was 139 xp to level up. What shall I do?
  3. I am not able to download it. I mean I click at download, then a new site opens where I see two download links. The first one doesn't work, Google Chrome says: Upps, Google Chrome didn't find the URL. The second one opened a site. It says: File doesn't exist. Then I searched in the web. Do I really have to download the already patched game? Please does anyone have the AP Patch or what ever it's called?
  4. Hello, I just wanted to hack a Pokemon White (USA) Rom and did it. I opened it in DesMume and it was like a dream. I fought with Charmander against Snivy. After I destroyed Snivy, I didn't gain Exp. points. Is there any patch that I can download? Please help. Greetings
  5. Hello, I'm new in this forum and I'm from germany, that's why my english isn't as good as yours. But I will do everything to make you understand me. So I want to do my own hack, its name will be Pokemon Darkness. But I only understood how to edit trainer pokemon and wild pokemon. I have the following hacking tools: BWME - Black/White Mugshot Editor BWOE - Black/White Overworld Editor BWSE - Black/White ? Editor BWTE - Black/White Trainer Editor BWWE - Black/White Wild Editor NPCE - NPC Editor kiwi.ds Editor NitroExplorer2b Evolution Editor Black And White Version 2 Pokemon Black And Version 2 Stats Editor Narc Editor Pokemon White 2 In Game Trade Editor I only don't know how to use them. I can't do this Hex things. I looked a Tutorial in Youtube but I didn't understand anything. For example BWOE. Or BWSE I tried a long time ago an own hack, but it failed. Everything was fine but only one important thing wasn't. And that's the after battle experience points. I played 2 till 3 battles with a Pokemon but there were no points after defeating it. Why was it so? Please I need help. Or could someone help me with the Project? Thanks for the answers. Greetings Zekrom
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