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  1. I didn't make that Pokemon i don't want flawless IVs, it was just an example. I always randomize IVs. So no matter what i do, wish will always say hacked although the pokemon can learn it? Thats odd. Would that be a false positive then?
  2. Here is an example, i downloaded one with seismic toss and its legal https://www.pokecheck.org/?pk=4783337 i download it and modify the move to wish and i get this https://www.pokecheck.org/?pk=4935120 *bangs head on desk*
  3. Hi all. Im trying to create a chansey with the moveset... Seismic toss toxic wish softboiled Now i can make a legal one with seismic toss, and a legal one with wish, but when you combine the 2 i just get problems. clearly they are both legal moves but is it possible to combine the 2?
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