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  1. Does anyone know what I've done wrong? I used NSC builder to merge the update to the base game and then I tried to extract the game but the size of the biggest nca doesn't match the nsp file...
  2. Does anyone know why after I replace "Pokemon Trainer" the word Garlarian the word "the" comes after word Galarian?
  3. My romfs folder has 41.690 files. How do I get the missing files? I've extracted it twice.
  4. I'd like to swap the trainer theme with the battle trainer theme in for randomised Black 2 roms. Whenever I use the universal randomisor it changes the file size from 512MB to 274MB which means I can't use the trainer battle theme modifier cheat. I'v been trying to use to swap the music but I'm not sure how to do it. I've extracted the music file. I've tried to use Crystaltitle to swap the hex values of the trainer theme and subway theme. 127-SEQ_BGM_VS_SUBWAY_TRAINER is the music file of the Subway music, 126 is the normal battle theme. From what I know I need to change the values and find the offsets but I'm not sure how to find them.
  5. I've got an issue, whenever I edit the stats of a trainer's pokemon then set and save it doesn't save, it just returns back to how it was originally.
  6. I'm playing Star Sapphire, I hacked in Ubers. I've just got the mega bracelet but I can't mega evolve Rayquaza, I'm guessing it's due to the Delta episode. Is there any way to make Rayquaza mega evolve?
  7. Hello, can someone help me? I get an error when I exit the program and nothing is saved... I think it might be that I don't have the rb decadency thing?
  8. I saw someone doing a Platinum no exp run, I would like to know hwo to disable the EXP gain as I am in a solo run, how do I do it?
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