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  1. Hi guys, I'm a new member (or a n00b, oh spare me the shame :rolleyes: ) Anyways, I have made up my own version of Nuzlocke, with different rules, some relating to the amount of Pokemon allowed! So lets get on with this! The title of it is... Dewlocke. I know, weird name. :tongue: Anyway, here are the rules. Only two Pokemon allowed on your team. You can only use pokemon from up to the 3rd gym. (Including honey trees, thankfully) Keep the dead box out of it, so just use pokemon centers and dont worry about a pokemon dying. You can have many seperate teams in your box, just only two in your party. No legendarys in your party. (So you can catch them, but not use them. And also Rotom isn't counted as a legendary.) You can only use pokemon you never use, or ditched halfway through. You can only use at least 7 items in a match, so don't try to toxic stall. ;D You can do this challenge in any region except Kanto. (Not including HG and SS's After-Game Kanto.) So yeah. Those are the rules. I'm doing my Dewlocke in Sinnoh, and I have one team for my party, which is Staravia and Budew. If you're reading this in the future, I might have a Staraptor and a Roserade. ~Lux~
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