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  1. Thank you bro EDIT:I dont understand this:Make a deposit request for the Pokémon you want to check.
  2. hi everyone im an idiot... how do i use the pokegen? I Opened the program made my pokemon what next? I heard smth that i could upload them to pokeGTS.us and get them from their custom dns, but i dont get them. Please help i want to learn how to use this thing. idk where to post this so move it pls. Thank you,for wasting your time on me. -TaurineVolz` I Will attach my .pkm file if anyone wants to see it. palkia..pkm
  3. TEPIG SNIVY OSHAWOTT My personal Favorite is Snivy.
  4. My Most Memorable moment was when... I BOUGHT THE MAGIKARP FROM THE GUY ON THE MARVELOUS BRIDGE !
  5. hey, im new... i just wanted to say hi. im a dude,who likes pokemon been playin' them since emerald cheers -TaurineVolz`
  6. Hello Everyone, im a newbie in this forum. I dont know where to post this. So feel free to move it. Yesterday, i made a trainer club account. Then did the global link stuff.... I entered the dreamworld,did all of my stuff... Today Im Triying Login, it says: username or password is incorrect. I Typed my password and username right i know it. I Press forgot my password it says to type my email , i did it. It says Unable to find an account using the provided information. I Tried typing my b-day and stuff but no dice. So i did the same for forgot my user,no dice. IDK,whats happening help meh, btw i checked my email and there was a activation email from yesterday when i registred and btw i had to reset my password yesterday so i did it. Plz help me whoever helps me will get some rep from me. I HAVE TRIED SEARCHING IN GOOGLE,NO HELP EITHER. PLEASE HELP I WANT A PIKACHU!
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