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    Hacking in XY ORAS

    Is there a way to hack? I have a dsi AR for previous gens... If I buy the new datel AR can you make legit pokemon like I could before?
  2. Hey, I've been trying to make a WISHMAKR/ CHANNEL Jirachi for days now, and I can't get 1 at all to pass through pokebank... I have managed to get pretty much every pokemon I want and make it totally legal and legit (although hacked but you know what I mean) Can anyone help? I want it Adamant with the IV spread of 31 in HP, 31 in Att, 31 in Speed (if you could put 31 in def&sp.def too that would be awesome) not bothered about sp.att.... Anyone that could do this for me, i'd really appreciate it, because i've been defeated! I use pokegen to hack. Also, all the files i've found online that are jirachi, even from this site, the name and OT always goes weird or doesnt come up at all!? And always says rumination field and a bunch of other things seem to get messed up, howcome?
  3. I have a Flower Paradise Shaymin, Recieved over GTS that someone caught with their own OT no event, on legal checker it says "Common NDS ABCD" Pokemon at the bottom is that right/Is that what it should say or is it hacked? Thanks anyone who can help
  4. Lmaooo, yeah it's really shit.. No need to be rude for no reason, chill out dude.
  5. Will there be an update where it can penetrate an antivirus?
  6. SO sorry.. but thanks you actually told me what i neede to know... however my antivirus wont allow me to have this program
  7. I'm really interested in doing this.. BUT I was wondering, will it class as a hacked pokemon (the ones you encounter on dream bridge) All i want to do is change my dream points to 10,000 so i can get a dratini, would it be asthough i've legitimatly got that many points and a real dratini, or will it be a dodgey fake dratini? hope that makes sense, if anyone could PM me or something to shed more light it'd be most appreciated, i have about 2000 dw points at the mo and getting sick of mini games lol!
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