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  1. Yes there is. It's called cookies.txt export.
  2. Thank you for the help, I will try Shiny2. However, I have found out how to get IR-GTS-BW to wrk now. It turns out that I was just stupid, and made a completely new Internet connection, instead of just editing the DNS settings on an existing connection. Again, thanks for the help, it is really appreciated.
  3. Hello, I am having some problems getting the program IR-GTS-BW to work with my copy of Black 2 . I can get the program to open and run correctly, but when I Enter the GTS from the game, I get an error code on the system. I set the DNS settings to the one mentioned in the program , but I cannot connect. I am trying to get this to work on a Nintendo 3DS console, and both the 3DS internet and DS internet settings are set this way. Also, I am not using a Flash Card or an Action Replay. Any help is appreciated.
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