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  1. Everything is done, except trainer card and mugshot. Can someone confirm that mugshots can't be edited yet for BW2? Also, how do I edit the trainer card?
  2. Well then. Where do I find it in B2 then? Location? Trainercard also.
  3. Thank you for your answer, I already did. The real problem is finding out how to. The overworld is no problem anymore, but where are the others? Like mugshot, trainercard etc. And please don't post link to tutorials, I almost trawled the whole internet.
  4. Hi guys. Im new to the forums and an absolutely noob in rom editing, so I need your help. All what I want is to change the hero sprites, means overworld sprite, battle, trainercard and mugshot (I guess?), from BW2 to brendan. (as he is my favourite char in the series) So, how and what do I need to do? Thanks in Advance. ^^
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