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  1. Okay! I got my beefed up Psyduck back, and using Pokegen I just hit randomize EV and IV until I saw stats I liked... This should make sure it's legal, right? And will I always wind up with an extra version of the Pokemon I sent?
  2. Holy moly, that worked! Thanks! Scratch that, they're saved! Now I just need to figure out how to send them back.
  3. For both primary and secondary? Or is secondary DNS something else?
  4. Then what do I enter as my DNS on my DS and as my IP address?
  5. I'm going to start over from scratch. Just so I know I'm not doing something totally wrong somewhere down the line, here's what I have so far: For my 3DS and DS WiFi connections, they're both set to auto-obtain IP addresses. I manually entered the DNS for both to be I don't have a secondary DNS (or I don't know where/how to find it) so I put in the same one. Proxy is set to Do Not Use, and MTU is set to 1400. (The latter two are 3DS only.) Both connection tests run positive. On Shiny2, I entered my IP address as what's in the red box here: I set the first tab to Receive Black and White into a folder I made on my desktop. The messages I receive when I start GTS and DNS state that everything should be green. In White 2, I talk to the person circled in the picture: (Taken from Google, so mine isn't in Japanese, I'm a boy, not talking to Bianca, etc.) I select Global Trade -> GTS -> Trade -> Save: Yes -> Connect to Wifi: Yes -> Deposit Pokemon Here, I select Psyduck, and I say I want a level 100 Psyduck of either gender. The game says it's "Checking GTS's status..." and then that Psyduck will be offered. I go back to the GTS main menu, and my options are now Summary, Seek Pokemon, and Quit. On my computer, Shiny 2 has made no acknowledgement that I have done anything. GTS and DNS are still running, but the statistics section says 0 Pokemon have been received, and my folder remains empty. This is what happens every time I try to do this. Have I done something wrong? Is this because I haven't opened the ports? How do I even open these ports??
  6. IPv6 was a typo. I meant IPv4 How do I unlock ports? And am I going to the correct GTS thing?
  7. I am absolutely not sure I sent it to the correct GTS. All I know to do is to go to a Pokecenter, go talk to the lady on the right on the second floor, pick "Global Trade," then GTS. The IP address I found through findmyip said it was The IPv6 I found through ipconfig was, and I used that one. I have no idea how to check those ports, and every time I try using that port checking site I get an error that says my connection timed out. I can delete the other two on my 3DS, which is probably the simplest fix out of all my problems.
  8. I reset my router's security entirely so it's password free. I set up my DS stuff the exact same way as my 3DS, Shiny2 says everything is good to go.... But I sent Psyduck to GTS, asked for a level 100 Psyduck in return, she was sent, and my computer STILL didn't receive it. Dele, could you explain how you got yours set up?
  9. I just tried adjusting my DS WiFi settings, but it turns out I can't connect to WiFi with my router because I have WPA security, not WEP. ...But I can still connect to WiFi in the game? :confused:
  10. Hi, I'm having a problem sending Pokemon to my computer. Here's what I've done: - Receive - Black and White - IP address = IPv4 - DNS is set up proplerly - DNS and GTS are running properly - I can connect to WiFi on my 3DS without issue - I can connect to GTS in White 2 without issue - I upload a Pokemon to GTS, but Shiny2 never receives them I haven't tried receiving Pokemon yet (because I don't know how to create .PKM files, and all I want to do is make the Pokemon I caught in-game have their maximum possible stats, EVs, etc.), but if Dele's report is accurate then I should be able to receive them anyway...
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