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  1. There is an bug with Pokémon Emerald save restoring. A few of the clock-based events don't trigger/reset properly when you transfer/restore a save from an emulator to an Emerald cart, but the in-game clock and other time based events will still function properly. I'm determined to find out why this happens. Moreover, I will find a proper fix for this( and there’s no harm in me learning a whole lot in the process :-) ). This is a call for as much additional information, no matter how seemingly trivial it may be. It’s seems that this is an issue related to the RAM and/or save state. Observations: the Lillycove lottery never resets secret base trainers never reset( I’ve got a SWEET setup with 6 level 100 Blissey’s that have no attacking moves for BOATLOADS of experience ) the clock in the player’s bedroom continues to run properly the man in Pacifidlog that gives out Frustration or Return TMs still does so Theories/ideas: placeholder Questions that need to be answered: Is this a problem with the emulator, a problem with the save restoring & backup program, both, or something else entirely? Is this permanent? Does this type of thing only happen to Emerald or do Ruby and Sapphire suffer, too? I know that there are MANY people that know spellbinding amounts not just about programming in general, but also about the specific programming of these generation III games. Where else should I ask for help? Will someone please provide a ‘known good’ save( i.e. a save backup from a cart that is working properly )? It has been surmised that this occurred after they beat the Elite Four, is this true or just coincidence? MrEobo posted that someone told him the issue is worked out if the game isn’t played for a while. I don’t think this is true as my cart hasn’t seen much play in a long while and still has the issue, but is there a way to positively confirm or deny this?
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