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  1. This is for Pokemon Platinum, and it looks like my save file is fine. The only problem is that the Pokedex boxes are grayed out, and I can't tick them.
  2. When I try to complete my Sinnoh pokedex using Pokesav, the boxes to do so are grayed out and I can't check them. What do I need to do to complete it using Pokesav? Currently, in the game, I've just beat the Elite Four and went to the Fight Area to fight Flint and Volkner with Barry. I'm stuck there.
  3. My TID is 35851 My SID is 47110 To be honest, I don't truly care if it's an egg or not, as long as he is shiny and has high IVs in attack (and preferably in other stats too). Anyway, thanks a bunch!
  4. No, I used Pokesav. My Pokegen seems to only work for Black/White or something-I've tried using it to find a pid for a shiny Gallade with high IVs in attack, but the PIDs it gives me don't seem to work with Pokesav.
  5. You're right in that I'm not trying to make him legal since this is just for a fun playthrough of Platinum-I haven't played the game in a long time and felt like beating it again very cheaply I'm stuck in that every time I set the IVs and make it shiny, when I save the .pkm file and try to use it on my emulator (I own the game okay?!) the shiny Gallade simply doesn't show up. TO be honest, if you're able to make a shiny Gallade having only 31 IVs in attack and 255 EVs in everything else, I'd be more than grateful.
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