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  1. Ohh I already knew. I ban you for liking Bing Bing Is Not Good
  2. Umm I think you just solved my problem. I haven't been saving in the game. Let me try now. Problem solved. I really feel stupid...
  3. I ban evandixon for using something related to Bing.
  4. I ban evandixon for referencing people that I have no clue about.
  5. Okay so how can I fix it? I have done clean reinstalls four or more times (I'm losing count) I haven't loaded from save states. Basically I get past the Tour in the Pokemon center, export backup data (unless there's something else besides save states and this). Then open PokeGen and open the battery. It doesn't show any data. Open the .sav file. Again no data. At one point it was sort of working. It loaded the Pokemon. I did mine and saved but I couldn't open or convert it. It was broken I believe.
  6. Here's my battery file in a zip. Should I post anything else Like I said before PokeGen won't recognize my Battery file or .sav Backup files. It's blank where as all videos and threads it comes up and sees what Pokemon you have. After that I don't know how to put it back in (I might if I can save as a .dsv or something) Pokemon White (U)&.zip
  7. I ban Evandixon on the account of being evil and having a 'PhD in Horribleness'
  8. Hello A little bit about myself: -I'm a huge fan of dragon Pokemon as evident by my profile -I hack my Wii (Riivolution), Xbox, and Computer. I also did AR hacking 'til all my AR's broke. -I am new to PokeGen and Emulators I hope I get to have your acquaintance.
  9. Size: 524,410 bytes Size on Disk: 528,384 bytes
  10. 513KB. Also nothing will ever show up in PokeGen like the pokemon...
  11. Hello. I just got DeSmuME a couple days ago to emulate Pokemon White. As I am new to Emulators and even PokeGen (used PokeSav for my old AR codes) I can't figure out to get PokeGen how to regonize my Save files and put it back in. (So far I haven't even got it to work yet) I have tried to use Savestates, the battery file (which I have no idea what it is/how to use it), and backups but nothing is working. I would use AR codes but Save editing is much more reliable and theres a cap on AR codes. Can someone help me? I would very much appreciate it. (I really need an explantion from start to
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