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  1. Ah, fair enough, If I enter Sangi ranch will it change to Floccesy? gotta uphold at least a veil of legitimacy lol
  2. I just noticed Floccesy Town and Ranch arent included in the list of locations on Pokegen. Is this a glitch? Not really something I should complain about, just thought I'd point it out that the locations list may be missing a few more places.
  3. im having trouble with the secret ID, since i use that 500mb website to transfer my creations to my game, i have no idea how to grab my secret ID, since all i can find on how to do it on the internet points to going and buying a micro SD card (im also hazy on how to use that, im a total newb at this thing) any thoughts? and if i have to get an SD card for my DSi how do i use it?
  4. hi guys, dunno if this belongs here but here goes. ive been trying to upload pokemon after i make them on the current DNS server, and every time i try now i get error code 13274. i looked that one up and it means the server is jammed from too many users or something. any idea whats up with it? the only reason im asking is because ive been getting this error for over a day now, shouldnt it be fixed by now? any help would be greatly appreciated.
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