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  1. I have a strategy guide for Pokemon Stadium 2, although it's not as very good as the last one as it was ruined, but every time I try to defeat the Elite 4 there, it gets hard. Last time I had a team composed of at least Misdreavus, Wobbuffet, and Voltorb. Voltorb kept taking a lot of damage from Psychic from a Xatu while I was using Rain Dance wanting to make Thunder always hit; so either Voltorb has a low Special Defense or Xatu has a high Special Attack. I was in my battle against Will and every time he sent out Jynx and I had out Misdreavus she'd always switch out to Girafarig. So I might have wanted to use Pain Split instead of Shadow Ball instead. The person I couldn't defeat was Bruno. It took me several hours to defeat Team Rocket or even a day and shorter to defeat Jasmine because my attacks were always doing 1/4 damage every single time based on the rental Pokemon I chose because I couldn't rely on Zapdos's Thunder to hit every time. I want to get to the Kanto gyms soon so I can battle those gym leaders and look at their Pokemon. I also cannot clear the Master Ball Cup on the Poke Cup. So I need help with that one too. It was a while ago but I don't think I was able to defeat Teacher Molly and her Double Team technique. Either my attacks kept missing or the rentals kept taking a lot of damage and those were really long battles.
  2. I joined here 2 weeks ago and got banned when I was trying to make an introduction. I am MichaelXD. I decided to get myself unbanned so I can post something about Pokemon because I didn't get a chance to on another site I joined. I play Pokemon Gale of Darkness and various other Pokemon games, PBR which is all about battling just as well as the Stadium games and when I was banned I saw some Pokemon sections. Great! I hope someone can help me beat the Elite Four without the use of a Transfer Pack in Round 1 of Pokemon Stadium 2. I hoped to meeting everyone. See you all around.
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