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  1. How exactly can that be done? Sorry all this r4 business is new to me... I checked the content I copied to my r4 from the removable disk, and I see the ini file with the nds and sav file...are they supposed to be in a folder? Because the ini always appears in the multimedia directory when I load the r4. Even when I copy the entire savegame folder to my SD card with everything (including the ini) together, it still gives me the same problem.
  2. I downloaded Savegame Manager, copied it to my Micro SD card and loaded it on my r4, but whenever it tells me to press (b) to continue, I press b, the message disapears, and nothing happens... I am using firmware version 1.08. I heard of someone who had the same problem as I do, and another person recommended the version I have AND software 1.10...what's the difference between software and kernel/firmware? Please help, I really need to get my save file to the computer.
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