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  1. I'm reporting a false positive. http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=273171 This mew was caught on far away island. Which is another way to get a shiny mew. So the legality check says its a hack because shiny mew can only exist in a Japanese emerald game. Well this one came from a UK/US emerald game, and its legit.
  2. So i fixed my last problem, but now i have a knew one. Everything was working fine, i was sending and receiving just fine. Then i tried to receive again awhile later and i got this error message: "unhandled exception in thread started by <function dnsspoof at 0x020f39bo> traceback <most recent call last>: file "C: \users\merf\desktop\pokemon\ir-gts-bw\pokehaxlib.py", line 77, in dnsspoof r+dnsserv.recvfrom<512> socket.error: [errno 10054] An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host." What does this mean, and what should i do?
  3. I figured out how to do this, you just have to use a pre existing connection and just change the dns. The problem now is that i can connect to the internet on my 3ds, but when i try search for an access point when i go into nintendo ds connections, it says it won't work, there is some sort of setting on my router that won't let it connect, but the thing is i already am connected, but just with the interent connect.
  4. This isn't really that in depth....Because that part where you say "Most likely, your DS' wi-fi options are set automatically. The SSID is there, and maybe a WEP code. You can ignore them. Arrow down until you see the following option: "Auto-obtain DNS." Change this to "No." Where it says Primary DNS, click edit." What are you saying, are you saying just click accept after this because that obviously won't work. You need to tell them how to obtain they're ip address,gateway, and subnet mask by going to cmd in search then typing, ipconfig/all. I did this and tried to work my settings and it still didn't work so could you be more in depth about this part, or could someone explain how to get this working?
  5. Is there a set by set guide how to use this program? How do i change my dns, and i just change my dns to the one its telling me too? When i go to change my dns settingings on my ds, it tell me to put in primary dns so i do. But what do i put in for gateway, subnet mask, and ip address?
  6. Well the link you gave me is for the GTS, so i'm not sure how that is going to help me run the Shiny gts unless they are relatively the same thing. My specific is i have a pokemon ready what do i do now on the gts program to send it over, what are the buttons i click? Do i send from folder after saving my pokemon in pokegen in a folder?
  7. Does this forum have a trade thread? Because i can't see to find one. I also was wondering if anyone was kind enough to explain how shinygts program works? Thank you i am new here.
  8. I need help, i created a pokemon with pokegen, but i dont know how to use Shinygts to send the pokemon to my game, can someone help me as to what i am suppose to do and the steps required?
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