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  1. I want there to be a feature that will convert save files. For example converting a ramsav.bin file to a main file for flash carts and without the use of powersaves. I don't know if there is any method or a way of doing this or I don't know how to and nobody has gotten back with me. This is my main reason why I'm making this request.

  2. I can confirm that you can use RegionThree for Downloading Wondercards Via Internet & Serial Codes do work. For an example: Pokemon Omega Ruby NTSC-U North America Copy loading RegionThree on a Japanese 3DS XL to download events does work I've tested it myself "Serena's Fennekin". Since Pokemon X/Y/OR/AS is Region Locked/Free The Locked side you can't play the game for that specific country it was manufactured for it loads the Game Card like I said it can't be played. But the Free side you can still use Pokemon Bank with the cartridge. With RegionThree you can load your Pokemon X/Y/OR/AS and get events due to loading that specific region. RegionThree method can get you access to Multi-Region events on your own card the only requirement is a 3DS that isn't native to your region. It's fun using homebrew to getting whatever you want. Also for those who have hacked 3DS'es with .3ds roms and .cia files if you download the game it doesn't matter what region it is for example downloading a Japanese 3DS Rom or .cia file it will load up as the 3DS you play with for an example Pokemon X Japanese ROM being played on a European 3DS it will be European since it detected the region.

    Also another note since I do have a Digital Copy of Pokemon Y on my Japanese 3DS I can confirm that if you use 3DS Save Data Transfer Tool with any copy of Pokemon Y due to being Region Lock/Free. I do backup my save on Powersaves before the transfer and I will confirm it does work.

  3. Hello.

    I would like to make a request for Pokémon Link. I have in my Pokemon X & Y Pokémon Bank Celebi & Pokemon Omega Ruby Glalie & Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Steelix and I would like to extract the data to share it so people can use it for themselves and preserve the data too if this is possible? Maybe call the file BankCelebi.PL6 DemoGlalie.PL6 DemoSteelix.PL6 PL6 is abbreviated for Pokémon Link 6 file. I would be able to test it if necessary.



  4. I got a 3DS Save Bank and it works. However it doesn't work with Animal Crossing New Leaf & Tomodachi Life. But it works flawless with Pokemon X & Y maybe considering 3DS Save Bank can help since it doesn't require online to backup gamesaves. Has anyone gotten a 3DS Save Bank? Also for those who have Cyber Gadget Save Editor Device will work too! Without online encryption is it possible to decrypt Save Bank Saves instead?

  5. 3DS Save Bank is out in Japan is there any chance you can see how to decrypt it? It doesn't need an Online Requirement like Powersaves 3DS so hopefully it should be kinda easy to decrypt.

  6. After all of that hard work then Datel had to patch it. I would be really pissed off!, Well Karma will get to Datel when everything gets hacked and we don't have to use their Powersaves anymore. I have a great idea make use of the Powersaves Adapter and create a 3DS Project Pokemon Backup Program just like Powersaves but better and for Pokemon X & Y without the uses of Servers and your own Encryption & Decryption Files. I'm sure that it would piss them off but they do deserve it.

  7. He's already given you instructions to decrypt the entire first save block... plus, proof of concept is better than nothing. I don't blame him for not wanting to share; he doesn't want to be the one who opens the floodgates.

    I can see the servers overloaded if it did get released. Great job on the research, there are a few of questions I would like to ask.

    How long did it take you to crack the encryption?

    How difficult was it to crack the encryption?

    Did you use a New Save or Your own Personal Save?

    Can you use other people's saves with this method?

    Did you use a Gateway Firmware or Current Firmware?

    Also did you have to use a Powersave code in order encrypt it back in the cartridge?

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