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  1. Dawn: Check your pm box, I also have the Charizard if you need it. And the Vaporeon.
  2. On it. Next time try and PM though, I don't check the thread very often.
  3. Hello!

    My names Jared. I've been playing Pokemon since Red & Blue, (still have those games too! ) and will soon be retiring again until a new game is out. I have absolutely way too much time on my hands and have obtained almost every Pokemon in each game, minus a very few event Pokemon and some random ones I couldn't find/obtain. I just finished my Unova Pokedex (minus Genesect, Meloette and Kaleo(?) ). I've been thinking about starting a thread giving away some legendary pokemon. All legitimate of course, since I don't own a Action Replay or know how to use Pokesav. I usually reset my game after capturing the legendaries and then do some trades from other games and run through it again with more powerful/breed teams etc. I've got TON's of copies of most legendaries (around 3 - 9 per, minus some specific event pokemon as I may only have one copy of it myself!) and some copies of Event Legendaries (very little, usually only have one of them but the odd time I may have 2-3 depending on how common they were to get). Look out for my thread and thanks for reading!
  4. I have way too many of each of these pokemon, especially the SOTD's. If anyone wants, do a specific request and PM me (one pokemon per person, sorry!) I'll probably be slow if I get an insane amount of requests. I suggest trying the system first and obtaining your wanted pokemon before you ask me for one, though.