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  1. thanks, wiz! and ill try the cresselia thing EDIT: try this: http://www.multiupload.com/VW752Z2B7X
  2. anyone have a legit tornadus .pkm? either that or a reshiram? (none of my friends have black)
  3. my dsi works with wpa2, but the ds only works with wep. btw, if you need to set your dsi to a wpa adress, goto advanced settings EDIT: I forgot to say, ir, this program is AMAZING! keep up the good work!
  4. allright, it works now. ir's right, put your ds on the same network as your computer.
  5. allright, trying it with the ports forwarded. EDIT: ok, its still not working
  6. can someone post their ir-gts ip? i want to see if my ds can connect to theirs. if it can, that means that its a problem with my computer. EDIT: i had someone else try to connect to mine, but it didnt work. i guess this means that my computer is the problem? i have a norton firewall (not windows), maybe thats it?
  7. with v0.02, i put the ip in the secondary dns(primary doesnt work), and i test the connection and it works and says support code 61212. then i go to the game, try to connect, then i go into gts, but i dont recieve the pokemon. its just normal gts.
  8. uhh, so it works off and on. i'm trying to send a larvesta through, but sometimes my ds wont connect. it only seems to work w/ secondary dns. but when it DOES connect, it doesnt recieve anything, its just the normal gts.
  9. hey, for bammam, use the SECONDARY dns, it worked for me
  10. I'm having the exact same problem as bammam. i could connect to the zorua ip, but when i try to connect to mine (, its running now), it gts green bars, then goes away. i'm using the exact same router settings as i did for the zorua one. i'm not on a guest network. btw, im using a dsi with wpa encrypted connection
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