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  1. That shouldn't be an issue, considering that I had no trouble after changing the DNS server once, and I'm getting the same error when I try to access the GTS as I do in Test Connection, resulting in the whole thing not working. EDIT: What I'm saying then is that even though I changed the DNS settings, it's still trying to connect to NWFC and is failing at it. Also, when I just tried making the DNS server (the zorua one), it worked with no problems. If it matters, I haven't changed anything with my router's settings (does it have a separate firewall that needs to be taken off instead?), but it's an Airport extreme and I'm using a guest setting since that way I can connect without using a WPA code. I turned on a setting to let the guest network communicate with this one, but it didn't help...
  2. Hm... I can't seem to change the DNS settings. The program (it's the bw one) told me to make my DNS,so I did, but when I try to test connection, it will get green bars, then they'll disappear after a little bit and I get error 52102 saying that it can't connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. I know the settings are correct and I turned off firewall like someone else said. Do you know what the problem is?
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