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  1. I need codes for the three Shiny Legendary Beasts for Pokemon Pearl and Platinum. I'd also like codes for the Toys'R'Us Ash's Pikachu for those two games. Thanks. It's really quite funny, I've gone to all of this year's "Wireless" in-store downloads, (I even downloaded the Celebi at the BW Mall tour of last week [AWESOME experience by the way, recommend it to any self-respecting Pokemon fan]) although my Pearl and Platinum have been lost for a long time, up until last Sunday. So, although I have three of each Legendary Beast and three Ash's Pikachus I really want one of each for each game I have. (not to mention the fact that the Beasts' role in Black and White would leave me with few for Generation IV) I am so happy though because my dad drove me to the Mall Tour again on Sunday for the two extra Celebi, even if local Gamestops are letting us download Celebi right now. ...I ramble too much...
  2. General Pokesav Request thread

    Okay, this is for the Action Replay: I want this little guy to be as legit as possible and will be raising him on my own to a strong and main-party Raichu. I'm just really tired and frustrated after months of trial and error trying to hatch a Shiny Male Pichu with a Bashful nature. (I've hatched maybe hundreds of eggs) The main reason for these specifics is to be able to have a Raichu in my game that matches a character just-for-fun Raichu of mine.