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  1. GTS DISTIBUTION The rules are simple just use the right format thats all i ask give me all the proper informaion and il make it happen. You can request anything for the games diamon/pearl and heart gold/soul silver. PLEASE USE SPOILERS DNS CODE OR I CAN MAKE THE POKEMON FOR YOU AND ILL TRADE IT TO YOU MY FRIEND CODE IS:3825-5863-9306
  2. let me know if you ever want anything else legal or not legal just pm me if you ever do
  3. well there all done im not so sure bout the natures you want but yes they are good everything else is good and i got an easy way for you to get them i send these through the my gts server if you want you can get them that way its alot easier here is the dns code its turned on right now so if you want you can get it now or in the next hour i dont leave it on all day cause i update it alot but if you want to trade thats cool to i guess just easier to go through gts
  4. yeah i can do them for you ill do my best on them
  5. it wont let me send or anything it also said that python 2.6.5 was replaced with 2.6.6 is that a problem i thought i had it figured out but things keep pilling on me and ive just completly got lost and confused i am starting to get very frustrated if someone could please please help me it would be very much appritiated and if you would please pm me that would be great
  6. id like to make a request for a leafeon with the moves frenzy plant, energy ball, leaf blade and giga impact at level 65 and if possible to be infected with pokerus thank you very much
  7. dudue im not stalkin you i was just had a request i didn mean to send two of those my coputer glitched up and said failure to send or something so i posted it on here my bad dude
  8. POKEMON REQUEST: Giratina not shiny level 60 move set:Dragon Rush,Dragon Pulse, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse ability: Wonder Gaurd nature: whatever raises speacial attack stats at max and holding a lucky egg
  9. yea i know all that but its a hack i dont know how its done
  10. hi yea i finaly got the shadow lugia exept its not a shadow lugia its just the plane jane white and blue lugia im sorry if i seem to be complaining im not just sayin its not shadow just normal.............i would like to make request can you put a shiny ho-oh with and know the move sacred fire and sky attack thank you
  11. Please make this pokemon for me i know it aint legitt or legal its fine though please and thank you Pokemon:Giratini Held Item:lucky egg Level:60 Ability:Wonder Gaurd Nickname (If wanted):NO Original Trainer (ARES) Trainer Gender (If specific): male Trainer ID (If specific):random Secret ID (If specific):random Pokemon Gender (If specific): Shiny (Yes or No):NO Egg (Yes or No):NO Nature:dont matter Attacks:Dragon Rush, Dragon Pulse, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse PP (max or normal):50 Pokérus Status: Infected Pokéball Captured In:luxary ball Battle Stats:all 400 including hp IV Stats:high as possible EV Stats:high a possible Ribbons (If any):all the master ribbons Location/Date Met:fight area/Date traded Level Met At:1 Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg): Happiness:happy as possible Contest Stats:max Friend Code 3825-5863-9306
  12. Pokemon:shiny Rayquaza Ability:Wonder Gaurd Held Item: lucky egg Moveset: Dragon Pulse, Roar of time,spacial rend, shadow force Nature:Rash EVs:all 999 IVs:all 999 OT:GAGE NickName: ID: dont matter SecretID: Level:60 Stats: All stats at 400 including HP Met At:LV1 Captured with:luxary ball Ribbons:legend, Contest stats:max Fateful Encounter:yes If you would please do this for me it would be greatly Appritiated plz do this and i would like it if you could send it through trade but plz and thank you
  13. yea i have been trying to get a shadow lugia all day and it still wont come through ive got everyting else like 4 times can you plz put it to the top plz and greatly appritiated
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