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  1. well, as you're removing one anyway, i'll go ahead and request a shaymin.
  2. my suspicion is that there's some setting on the router that is the problem. i have the same issue at home.
  3. in heart gold/soul silver, if you go to a certain place with an arceus in your party, you get sent to the sinjoh ruins. from there, you may pick between aa palkia, a dialga, or a giratina. these are each level 1, and holding their orbs. you can get 2 of these, by using separate arceus. (Hall of Origin and TRU). while that's on my mind, if someone requests a giratina, keep in mind that since in diamond and pearl the griseous orb CANNOT exist due to the code having not been incuded at the time, there may be some problems. also, i'd like to request hall of origins arceus so i can get a second level 1 legendary dragon.
  4. i'd have to have access to it for that... i'll try to get in tonight.
  5. actually, tough it's not an event pokemon, i'd like to request a male dragonite with extreme speed, because no one around here seems to have one...:frown:
  6. i'l look into that... also, i have an interesting problem. i can get these pokemon from my girlfriends house, but when i try to connect from mine, it goes through to the regular gts...i've quadruple checked my settings on my dsi, and i'm stumped. any thoughts?
  7. do you have to do a physical reset, or is there some way you can do it from the computer? if you can do it from the computer, i can try to make a program to ping out every x amount of time, and if it can't see the internet, reset.
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