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  1. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?11469-Pokmon-Black-and-White-Translation-Project-v2&p=97797&viewfull=1#post97797 Also,tyo help you guys whith the english names,heres the full list i did last night,just copy and paste it. Hope it helps:) PPTXT New PKMN Names.txt
  2. Most probles are the E in Pokémon.if your games says "Pokémon Black (J).NDS" i would chage it to "Pokemon Black.nds".i found this out when trying to patch a hack.hope it helps!
  3. I know this could contemplate hacking,but could you using this method change the Japanese english sylables(there to big and dont fit whith the normal computer righting)into the standed english ones?It would be much easier to nickname pokemon and not have to pokesav them to english.
  4. decided to put lyra into cherrygrove town.everything went well,then testing. 1.sprite was fine,no problems whith that. 2.text was fine as soon as i edited it to work and fit. 3.the battle.well first try,i had chosen x01e0/o1e1 trainer,and didnt thin anything about it.to my disapointment and amusment,it came up when battling whith an overized lances body chucking a pokeball.how do i get the sprite to lyras? Could someone pm me how?Thanks.
  5. best way to fix this if theres no other way is to use a walk through walls cheat to get through them.
  6. yep forums not realy moving,wonder if people are starting to just think that the things english and they dont need to go on it any more?
  7. Will you be editing this thread at some point telling us what extras there is?
  8. Just Inputed The English Names And Region Into The Game,i Was Quite Happy When I Saw There Names Come Up On The Selection Box.
  9. im warming up to snivy,but the other names are abit weird.cant waiot to see the english parts in the game.
  10. would love somebody to do this as i realy want to not have to go through changing the names of my nicknames pkmn and charecter through the pokesav.Hope this goes well!
  11. i beive these wernt edited and were just inputted using a text editor,i hope this ansers your question:)i think most of us is waiting for a PPRE for the 5th gen games.
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