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  1. Hey, I just wanted to butt in and give you massive thanks for compiling this tutorial! I've been hunting down the locations for mugshots and trying to fix 'bugs' with edited trainer backsprites, and the locations you posted were a tremendous help!
  2. Hello, everyone! I've tried doing some searching, but I haven't found any leads, but I'm trying to find the location in the root data for the Trainer poses for the Trainer Card in Soul Silver. I've already replaced the trainer sprites in /a/0/5/8, but that didn't seem to show up when starting a new game, and either I did something wrong, or the Trainer card sprite is stored somewhere else? If anybody has any leads as to where I can find the data and/or how to edit it in case any specific tools are needed, I'd be eternally grateful! Thanks again for reading this request!
  3. Greetings, fellow hackers. I come to you with a question. I have located the file containing the different battle backgrounds in HG/SS, located in the pbr folder. However, I am uncertain of what extension these files are, or how to open them. I am asking the forum here if anyone has happened to come across any tools or knowledge on how to open these backgrounds so that they can be edited and shoved back into the narc file. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  4. Woot, after a bit of work, I got it implemented. I promised a screencap, so here you go: http://celestorion.deviantart.com/#/d2wz7cd Again, I thank you for taking the time to help me out on that.
  5. I've discovered that it's much quicker to use NitroExplorer to simply replace the file and you're done, makes things much faster. Right now, I made a quick sample, and it worked, although had transparent hair. I went to tweak the color palette in Photoshop, and ended up freezing the game when I tested it next. Sometimes, I just think electronics hate me, haha.
  6. I really appreciate you giving me the information. It came in handy, since I was doing some sprites of custom Gym Leaders for a Pokemon fangame a friend and I were working on, and I figured I'd hack my ROM copy of Soul Silver so that I can play as someone that I created. Thanks again for the help. EDIT: Alright, I hate to keep asking for advice. I have successfully created the .narc file. How do I replace the existing one that is in the A/0/8 folder? Do I use an external program other than Kiwi, or do you have any suggestions? EDIT: Ignore that, I figured out how to do that, haha.
  7. Thank you kindly for the advice. It seems I was lacking in steps 3-4, since I was using different tool to try and decompress the .narc, but now I do not need to do such a thing, now that I can somewhat figure out Kiwi a bit more. I'm going to guess that re-packing the .narc should be a piece of cake if I just set the destination folder to where I extracted the .btx, correct?
  8. Sorry to intrude, but after searching for ways to edit the sprites for the main trainer on HG/SS, and stumbling upon this, I downloaded the tools and followed the advice posted, and neither worked. I was given an error message when trying to load what KazoWar posted, and also followed the advice of DDD, but DDD's advice did not work, as well, since I can't seem to get the .btx to extract from 1.narc. Is there any other advice that I could possibly be given?
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