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  1. Hi, having some problems, when I patch my game using Delta GUI, the size of my game file does not change, and I checked the change log and basically none of the translated things in that log are on my game, theres only a bit of english every maybe 500 lines. e.g. the first meeting with reisham the only line of english there is by cheren saying we'll hold them off then the rest is in japanese, also when you aquire the dark stone all the text outside the musuem is in japanese and all the bit before that as well, cannot reply back as I am going to school but will check this post when I get in.l

  2. Maybe something stupid But my Game Freeze Every 15 Min i think :o? is that normal i'm using R4 i'm sorry if this the wrong thread or place to ask about this

    Thanks :)

    What firmware are you using?

    There is no link in the first post. Could someone very kidnly, just paste the link below, a link that i can click on, download the file, not .rar and then play the game?

    Link for what?

  3. Lol i just realised that aswell, anyway I was wondering I have a childs play patch thing, the file is classed as an application, and when I drag my rom into that application it just produces a BAK files what is invisible on r4 wood could anyone help me out on this, also when i patch the clean rom with the v3 the size stays the same and the when I play it all the pokemons names are in japanese.

  4. Because they're a huge corporation, with thousands of employees, and they like to get paid. They're obviously going to keep tabs on anything that might cause them to make less money, like a translation.

    Sony keeps very close tabs on the PSP hacking scene, and I'm sure Nintendo does the same for the DS.

    I don't know if it's illegal or not, but I do know that many a translation project has been shut down by a cease and desist letter from a corporation.

    Sounds like they get pretty serious, but maybe they choose to do nothing as they think it might promote the game, i.e. if people download the game and play the translated version they may be more convinced to buy the real one

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