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  1. I love your GTS, but I find your avatar to be -hilarious-
  2. getting a com. error. im on my 3ds...maybe thats the issue nvm...worked great
  3. Dont you have to have your ports forwarded for that even if your sending pokemon locally? Can you send legendaries like deoxys (gen 4)?
  4. Can that compromise the security of my network (Networking n00b). And will that mess up my port forwarding (I run a server on my network for a game I play) EDIT: I think Ill just try the laptop. 2nd EDIT: WEWT!!! Works. Thanks guys
  5. I cannot. It isnt "compatible".. Any other fix? What I mean by not compatible is that a grey lock appears by rhe network when I try to connect to it through the DS. Should I attempt it on another computer...as theres no way itll work with this one. I have a laptop available that is on the same network as the device. TBH thatll probably be easier. I run my AR on my laptop so..yeah. easier. Trying that now
  6. I cant forward port 80 as it is in use. *sigh*. That mightve been an issue. Port scanning now
  7. There is no guest network. I literally have 2 networks. The first isnt ds compatible, the second "2Wire443" is.. Ive tried everything. Im really hoping I can get this to work.
  8. Ports forwarded. Checking to see it it works. EDIT: Aww shucks. Still real GTS.
  9. Not possible. Testing out with my ports forwarded now.
  10. testing now EDIT: Crap. Still getting the real GTS. My computer is on a different network than my DSi tho. My Dsi is on "8888888" and my computer is on "88888888888" (not real network names). could this cause a problem? WHen I try to connect using "888888888888" I cannot on my dsi. "88888888" is what all my portable devices are on.
  11. I get to ready to send, but connect to the game and am sent to the regular gts. Not mine
  12. I cant drag and drop files into the program. My file is 136 bytes. What gives?
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