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  1. Can anyone help me evolve a few pokemon?

    2 porygons

    1 feebas

    I'll throw in an bold nature Arceus and Manaphy as i have no need for them anymore

    I can help you with that, if you'll give me the Arceus and Manaphy in return.

    Also, I have a 5/6 iv shiny Sylveon UFT. I'm looking for a Shiny Mew. PM me or reply here if anyone wants to make an offer.

  2. I don't think this really belongs in the official trade trade. But if staff feels like it belongs there, then they can delete this thread.

    I was wondering if anyone knows what a 5 iv competitive shiny Sylveon would be worth (x amount of legends, shinies, ect). There's this guy on my friends list that has an unbelievable amount of legit 5 iv shinies, and I was lucky to obtain one. So yeah, anybody here who can answer my question?

  3. I decided to post this here because not many other forms relating to this topic have any recent activity.

    A friend of mine gave me a original copy of Pokemon Silver. It's not brand new/sealed, but it's in good condition. Does anybody have an idea of how much money I could get for it? Only post if you're completely sure. Thanks.

  4. Actually, no. No I didn't. So it seems all the online services are screwed up at the current moment?

    Regardless of what I said, I just think/hope that the big manufacturers lessen the problems that come with the massive influx of users during holiday seasons in the future, though I'm sure it's not a problem that will be solved easily.

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