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  1. I've found a False Positive in the Legality Analysis on Pokecheck. Back in July, I was able to go to Tokyo on a family vacation. While we were there, we stopped by the Pokemon Center, near the WTC, and I participated in a "FunFest Mission" on my English Black 2 game. This mission involved finding the evolutions of Eevee in the various Hidden Grottoes in the game. I captured a Glaceon during the mission, as well as a Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon, and when I checked the Legality Analysis for the Glaceon, it says "Unknown Encounter" under the Location.

    Included is the link to the Pokemon in question. I will be double-checking this with the other Eeveelutions to see if it happens with them.

    EDIT: All the Eeveelutions captured during the FunFest Missions hosted in the Tokyo Pokemon Center are showing the same Unknown Encounter error.





    That's because they haven't been added to the legality analysis, nothing more.

  2. Junior (born in 2001 or later), Senior (born between 1997 and 2000) and Masters (born in 1996 or earlier). In the video game categories, there are two divisions, Junior (born in 2001 or later) and Senior (born before 2000).

    think of how many were banned in junior divison

    the max age is 12 and most players are young kids 5-10

    i dont know how people younger then 12 can access or know how to RNG

    seniors are little older and could have more access

    Apparently you still haven't realized that anything on the internet (such as information on how to RNG abuse) is freely available to all ages (despite age restrictions; it's not hard for someone to lie about their age). Searching "Pokemon RNG abuse" in google brings up Smogon's page as the first result. So really, it's incredibly easy to find the information, and with the ease of RNG abuse in Generation 5, it's not unreasonable for someone who is twelve years or younger to figure it out.

    No, The Pokémon Company staff told me they're not allowed. Their cheat detection software just isn't able to detect them. So unless the judges witness someone bragging about this, they cannot take action and ban them. That's what they told me.

    There is literally no way for them to tell the difference, and they won't ever be able to. All RNGed Pokemon are generated legitimately through the game, and are exactly the same as a random Pidove caught on Route 3 in terms of legitimacy.

    This is just like legal vs legit; there's zero difference between the two

    There's a big difference between the two. Legitimate means it was generated by the game itself, whereas legal encompasses anything from the game itself, and anything created externally by a program such as Pokegen that could be possible in the game. One could even argue that due to the terrible Nintendo hack checkers, that anything that passes those is legal, such as Sejun's Follow Me Magmar he used recently (Despite being completely impossible to get such a spread for it).

  3. https://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=5390378


    Two Skitty from Generation 3. With Normalize, which is a Generation IV Ability. That's impossible, because game rechecks PID for Ability only upon evolution. Skitty evolves via Moon Stone - that kind of evolution cannot be stopped. That means this kind of situation is possible only on Delcatty.

    The Pay Day on Skitty is legal, though.

    (Also, why Pay Day shows up as 6?)

    Notice how it says "Hacked/Event only (6)? Read the event part of that carefully. Also, it says (6) because Pay Day's index number is 6.

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