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  1. The game will always freeze on a Reshiram, Zekrom, and Victini, that cannot caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan noooooooooooooooot be avoided. They can NOT be encountered as shiny. If you want you can try to whip one up in pokesav or something, but when you encounter those mons either in the wild with WPM Code, or at their actual ingame encounters, they caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan nooooooooooooooooot be shiny. Just gotta accept it.

  2. Yeah, after looking at it, it was my IV/EV check code that I have listed up there. It shows the proper IVs and EVs, but it jacks your stats around while it's on. They seem to go away when you don't have the code on though. It was seriously confusing me.

    Oh, but now, this one:

    ::Ev Modifier

    :Mark a Pokemon in PC


    02019698 FBB2F7E8

    02001E00 73B4B4FF

    02001FFC BDF8BCFF

    02001E6A 743020XX

    02001E70 747020XX

    02001E74 74B020XX

    02001E78 74F020XX

    02001E8C 753020XX

    02001E90 757020XX


    020196B4 FBA4F7E8

    02001E00 73B4B4FF

    02001FFC BDF8BCFF

    02001E6A 743020XX

    02001E70 747020XX

    02001E74 74B020XX

    02001E78 74F020XX

    02001E8C 753020XX

    02001E90 757020XX

    Ev Order:




    •Sp. Atk

    •Sp. Def


    Replace XX with a Hex Value between 00 - FC.

    Note: I am still fixing out the code so it can work propertly.

    Edit: I have Edited the codes a bit. Can anyone tell me if they work propertly?

    This is an amazing code. You can set it up to do 252 / 252 / 4 spreads or whatever you want, and do 3 (or more I guess) Stats at once. However, your guide to what is what is off.

    I set it up as 6 codes, one with FC in the first line, the rest 0s, the second with FC in the second line, the rest 00s, etc, etc you get it.

    Line 1 is Hit Points

    Line 2 is Attack

    Line 3 is Defense

    Line 4 is Speed

    Line 5 is Special Attack

    Line 6 is Special Defense

    I tested each one separately on a timid hex ditto I've got, then looked at it's stats to see which stat got the boost, and by how much (Metatkid's Calc no AR EV Check). I then tried it with 04 in the HP Line, FC in the Atk Line, and FC in the last 3 (one code for each). And yeah, they all lined up with that above up there (HP / Atk / Def / Spd / SAtk / SDef).

    Personally, I like this code much better, and if you just remember which line gives EVs in which stat, it does the work of 3 or more codes.

  3. Okay, so Riolu Aura Sphere Now, concerning &p=108773&viewfull=1#post108773"]your most recent EV mod codes, and I think possibly your past EV mod codes too, I'm finding something really reeeeeeeeeeeeally weird.

    Here's what I did:

    Firstly, I caught a random wild Farfetch'd on my legit cart, no AR involved. I then saved my game, turned it off and put my AR in.

    I then checked it's info with the IV check code (no other codes in use at all), and it corresponded to what I got on Metalkid's Calc too. It's info is:




    IVs: 1 / 28 / 19 / 11 / 11 / 16

    EVs: 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 0

    Current Stats: 104 / 77 / 57 / 69 / 67 / 67

    Okay, I then used this marking code to give it 252 HP EVs

    02019698 fbb2f7e8

    02001e00 73b4b4ff

    02001ffc bdf8bcff

    02001e70 743020fc

    No other codes were selected/activated/in use before, during, or after boot at this time. When I immediately looked at it's stats while it was in my party in the box (I didn't have IV check or anything else on) I found these Stats:

    133 / 77 / 57 / 69 / 67 / 67
    According to Metalkid's Calc, these are the proper stats for 252 HP with that mons data. That's all seemed to work perfectly.

    I then saved the game, reset, turned OFF the 252 HP marking code, and turned ON the IV / EV check code

    537fbeec e7921005

    e380c400 00000078

    021d9200 1c38d10d

    e51f0010 e5900000

    e51f1014 e1500001

    1a000013 e3a00301

    e5900130 e3a010a0

    e3100c01 03a01046

    e3100c02 03a0100d

    e51f0040 e5c01da8

    e5c01dfe e2811001

    e5c01e5e e2811001

    e5c01ebe e2811001

    e5c01fde e2811001

    e5c01f1e e2811001

    e5c01f7e e7921005

    eaffbe9e e1a00000

    037fbeec ea004145

    d0000000 00000000

    521d4220 1c286809

    e2002000 00000020

    e5951058 e3510001

    112fff1e e3100fc2

    13a01000 15851058

    128ee006 e12fff1e

    021d5224 eeecf62c

    d0000000 00000000

    The mon was in my party, not in the box. I checked it's EVs and sure enough it showed 252 HP EVs. I THEN deposited the mon in the box and looked at it's stats. They were all jooky man.

    133 / 133 / 77 / 67 / 69 / 57
    I took it out of the box, and yeah, they were the same, all screwey. Can't make heads or tails of them.

    I then shut the game off without saving (obviously). I took my game out of the AR and booted it up completely WITHOUT an AR. I started the game up, and looked at it's stats:

    133 / 77 / 57 / 69 / 67 / 67
    I then stuck the mon in the box to see if that did anything screwey, but it had no effect on the IVs.

    I have no idea what is going on here, but literally reading through every single page of the this thread I've seen several complaints of similar problems.

    I don't know where the problem is coming from. If it's your code, or if it's the IV Check code, or if there's some kind of conflict going on.


    I really am just thinking it's the IV check code raping the actual stats while the code is running or something. Without that code on the stats all seem to match up fine, and even after saving with the screwey stats, I can take my AR out, and the stats look normal again.

  4. Hee hee.... so I've gotten myself into a bit of a pickle :x

    I'm saved down in the bottom of that cowboy's gym... but... there's no lift to take me back up... I used the WTW code to quickly get down there not realizing that the lift wouldn't be there after the battle. I've got Emboar and that Grassmonkeymon in my party.

    Any ideas on how I can get back up?

    I tried an escape rope, and that didn't work (oddly). I guess I could try teaching Emboar Dig and seeing if that'll get me out, but I really don't want to use the all TMs code, because I plan on playing through the game, and if I recall correctly, that'll cause a game freeze when a gym leader hands you a TM.

    The reason I'm posting here: I can't seem to find a move mod code. I was hoping I could teach one of the two Teleport and that would get me out. Unless there's some kind of "Teleport to here" code for when nobsacks like me get stuck. :3



    The "&p=94405&viewfull=1#post94405"]Teleport to Hero House" Code blackscreens for me at the Continue Screen.

  5. Oh, and dude above. Your best bet is to email Datel US or (preferably) UK explaining the problem and asking for help. If he ever gets around to it though, I just talked to someone on smogon who had a similar problem though. His problem was that he downloaded the Software from their site, not off the CD itself. After he downloaded it off the CD, the fix worked fine. Not sure about your exact situation though. Let us know what Datel tells you please.

    Shameless bump

    hey, it's news :P

    Just got word back from Datel UK and *shock!* US about the "backing up B/W Game Saves" problem for ARDSi:

    The email I sent them:


    Just bought an Action Replay DSi and downloaded the newest Firmware Version 1.25 (before it was taken down from your site). The fix works wonderfully for the most part. All the codes I've got work just fine for it, and the game loads just fine. However, in the ARDSi guide and on your site, it says that the ARDSi is capable of backing up DS Game Saves for games including Pokemon. The ARDSi does allow me to backup my Pokemon Pearl and Platinum Version game saves, but whenever I have my Pokemon Black Version (JPN) Cartridge in it and go to backup it's game save, it says that there is no cartridge detected. Is this problem something that you guys are working on? A lot of my friends are having the same problem too.

    Thanks so much!

    The email they sent me:

    Thank you for your recent enquiry we are able to confirm that we are hoping to include a fix for this problem in a future update.

    So, if you're looking to back up your game save, it's coming... eventually. :x

  6. Those effing @!*#%&@#$!! They said they wouldn't be releasing ARDS Firmware 1.71 till March 2011 so I went out and bought an ARDSi...

    ARDS Firmware 1.71 (Works With Black and White).

    And Dunsparce, they're probably fixing the one problem with the ARDSi fix. When you go to backup your B/W on your ARDSi, it doesn't recognize the game. I emailed them about it, and they took the link down. They're probably fixing that.

  7. I can't seem to get the clone code to work. Any idea what I might be doing wrong? It seems pretty simple haha.

    ::Box Pokémon Clone (Hold Select while moving)

    :::Hold Select after picking up a Pokemon to make a perfectly identical copy of it. Refresh screen to see results.

    94000130 FCFB0304

    5200768C 1E523308

    1200768C 0000C303

    D2000000 00000000

    94000130 FCFB0300

    5200768C 1E52C303

    1200768C 00003308

    D2000000 00000000

  8. Replace both 1F (31) with 1E (30).

    Edit: I should have a working shorter Liberty Ticket code sometime this week.

    I am on the verge of finishing my studies on converting AR codes from D/P/PL/HG/SS into AR codes for B/W.

    With this said, I can convert Event AR codes from D/P/PL/HG/SS such as the Three Crown Beast, Satoshi Pikachu, ect for B/W.


    Really?? You can do that?! Woah! That's amazing!

    Is there any chance you could convert these two from Platinum?

    Made by SCV

    USA Wild Pokemon, Level and Nature Modifier


    94000130 FDFF0000

    94000130 FDFF0000

    B2101D40 00000000

    D9000000 00111D10

    C0000000 0000000C

    DC000000 00000004

    D6000000 000233E8

    D1000000 00000000

    C0000000 0000000A

    D6000000 000233E8

    D2000000 00000000

    94000130 FEFF0000

    B2101D40 00000000

    D9000000 00111D10

    C0000000 0000000C

    D6000000 000233E8

    DC000000 00000004

    D2000000 00000000

    94000130 FFFB0000

    B2101D40 00000000

    DA000000 00111D10

    D4000000 00002400

    D3000000 00000000

    D7000000 0207404C

    D2000000 00000000


    To set Pokemon:

    Enter the National Dex number of the pokemon you want into the calculator and press L.

    To set Level:

    Enter the level (1-100), that you want your pokemon to be into the calculator and press R.

    To set Nature:

    Enter the Nature Number of the nature you want the pokemon to have and press Select.

    * Corresponding Nature and Number List:

    0) Hardy

    1) Lonely

    2) Brave

    3) Adamant

    4) Naughty

    5) Bold

    6) Docile

    7) Relaxed

    8) Impish

    9) Lax

    10) Timid

    11) Hasty

    12) Serious

    13) Jolly

    14) Naive

    15) Modest

    16) Mild

    17) Quiet

    18) Bashful

    19) Rash

    20) Calm

    21) Gentle

    22) Sassy

    23) Careful

    24) Quirky

    Max IV


    12073F50 0000201F

    12073F66 0000201F

    12073F7C 0000201F

    12073F92 0000201F

    12073FA8 0000201F

    12073FBE 0000201F

    I understand that there's no calculator. Maybe Pokeballs? I'm just so used to them. You can basically create whatever mon you want with these two codes without the use of pokesav in like 5 minutes.

  9. Oh, out of curiosity, how can I modify the "Mark Pokemon IV Mod" code to do 30 IVs and 0 IVs, etc. On the old Platinum "Wild Pokemon IV Mod" I would just edit the "1F"s to be whatever I needed ("1E" for 30 IVs, "00" for o IVs, etc). The problem is, there are TWO "1F"s in each marking code. :x

    And Negimaru, just have patience. They most likely will release a fix for older ARs. *thatbeingsaidiwentoutandboughtanewARDSiandit'sworkinggreatforme*

  10. Any chance we could get a "Wild Pokemon IV Modifier" Like we had back in Platinum? Even a "Wild Pokemon have 31/31/31/31/31/31 IVs" code would work fine, cuz I could just edit the hex to give whatever IVs I need (which is what I did for the old Platinum one). Didn't see one when Ctrl+F-ing this thread.

    Oh, and I don't see a 999 Pokeballs code either.

  11. I'm sure they probably will release a fix for older ARs. They have vids of them using ARDS's on their youtube channel. They probably are just getting all their ducks in a row you know?


    Well, my old ARDS was wigging out on me every now and then. I've actually lost more than one RNG because my ARDS would slip out before I could save it after confirming the IVs. So I went out and bought a US ARDSi. I can confirm that after downloading the fix available from the US site, the US ARDSi is compatable with Pokemon Black Version (JPN) on my US DS Lite.


    As for those of you with older ARDSi's or other AR versions, hang in there and CONTINUE to spam Datel US and Datel UK with contacts (linked in the OP) asking when (NOT "IF") they're going to release fixes for older versions. They've got 2 videos of them using old ARDS with B/W, so you KNOW they've got a fix for it. :P

  12. Actually, there's something important about that. Apparently, there's a very specific hidden hex value that has to be marked in order for mons with DW abilities to pass down their ability through breeding (under the correct circumstances). If you just use the ability mod, that value isn't present and the mons cannot pass their unique ability down. I'll link to the evidence as soon as smogon lets me search the B/W Research thread again >_? Off to work now though.

  13. Yeah, that's the same response that I and many others got from Datel US. However, Datel UK is saying that they're working on a fix now. I've already responded to their email, and I suggest that you, and anyone else reading this do the same. Here's what I sent:

    Here's the problem with that. At the bottom of the US Codejunkies site, there's a lil button that says "Share and Interact" that has a youtube symbol. Click it and it takes you to codejunkiesTV, where your company has at least 4 videos (1, 2, 3, 4) advertising that the ARDS and ARDSi are compatable with what is quite obviously pokemon Black and White (JPN). Your site is advertising that the US Action Replays are compatable with Japanese Pokemon Black and White versions, when they are not. I would not have bought pokemon Black Version (JPN) had I known that Datel of USA would not be willing to release the same fix that was released by Datel of Japan. If this is going to be your company's policy, I think I would probably be much better off spending my money on flashcarts from other companies and ditching my AR. All my firends are playing away on the roms using AR Codes right now, but those of us that put our faith in Datel of USA are sidelined until March 2011 according to you. So much for "Our code creators are always hard at work on the latest DS titles, so even the very latest games will be trained and tamed within hours of hitting the shelves."

  14. I edited it into the OP, but one person finally got confirmation back from Datel that it is infact the Version Firmware for everybody's AR that will need updating, and that they are working on a fix. It's still imperative that anybody who is experiencing this problem email, fill out a problem form, and even call them to let them know that this problem is widespread.



    I just found yet another way to get a hold of Datel. They have a separate customer service site with a very different way to get a hold of them. It's called a "Service Ticket" which gives you a number you can use on their website that lets you know how far along they are at looking into the problem and what's been done so far. I edited a link to the form into the OP in the "what you can do" section. Might be the best way so far to get a hold of them. *DOH! forgot to call them AGAIN today!! >_?*

  15. Forum: RAM

    Discuss topics pertaining to RAM of Pokémon Games (Includes AR Codes and the like)

    The purpose of this thread is to:

    1) explain why you can't use your Action Replay with your brand new Pokemon Black or White Version (JPN) Cart

    2) direct everybody to the people who can actually fix the problem

    3) let everybody know how to fix it *as soon as Datel releases the fix for it*

    A lot of people have been confused about why they can't use any AR Codes (or even boot the game with an AR for that matter) with their new legit cart. Many of them (including myself) have been spamming up the code thread seeking help and answers, so I think it's a good idea to divert that discussion here.

    The Problem:

    You know you have the correct Game ID and Codes for Pokemon Black or White Version (JPN) in your ARDS. You put your ARDS in your DS Lite. You turn the DS on and the White ARDS Firmware screen pops up like normal. The ARDS detects your version of the game like normal and you select the codes you want. You then press the big Green START aaaaaaaaaand...... it fades to white but the game never starts. This is the specific problem we're talking about here. Trust me, it's not just you. People all around the world are experiencing the exact same problems as you. However, if you're having a different problem, you'll need to ask elsewhere. This isn't a code-fix/request thread, or a Rom/emu help thread. This is just for the discussion of the incompatibility between the physical, legit Pokemon Black and White Versions (JPN) and physical Action Replays on physical carts.


    As soon as I got my copy of Pokemon Black Version (JPN) in, I started testing this problem right away. I verified that the problem actually existed by following the steps I described above (I already had all the codes in my ARDS in preparation). I got the results I (and countless others) described. As soon as I saw that it was real, I double and triple checked the Game ID and all the codes that I had in it. They were all right. The Game ID and the Codes were not the problem. I then took the AR out and stuck the cart (Pokemon Black Version (JPN) in by itself. The game started up just fine with no problems. The Cartridge itself was not broken. I then put my Pokemon Pearl Version (ENG) into my ARDS and that into my DSLite, and started it up, selected the codes I wanted, etc. It all worked fine too. The ARDS was not broken either. I then stuck my Pokemon Heart Gold Version (JPN) into my DS. It booted up just fine as well. It definitely wasn't an issue with Region Lock.

    After that I did a little more internet research. It turns out that:

    1) Datel (the maker of Action Replay) has several videos showing them using what are obviously Action Replay DSs (1, 2) and Action Replay DSis (1, 2) on Pokemon Black and White Versions (JPN). So obviously Pokemon Black and White Versions (JPN) can be compatable with Action Replay DS.

    2) However, if you'll notice at least in the ARDS Vids (I'm not familiar with ARDSi because I don't have one) the Firmware Version in the video is 1.71. The most recent ARDS Firmware released to date is 1.60.

    3) The Japanese version of the ARDS, known as the ARDS Max 3, required an update to play Pokemon Black and White Versions (JPN).

    4) Copied straight from codejunkies.com's description of the ARDSi: "Like previous versions of Action Replay, Action Replay DSi* is fully updateable, so you don't need to buy a new one when new games are released; just update your Action Replay over the internet using the PC app supplied. You can also enter codes manually using Action Replay's virtual keyboard. Our code creators are always hard at work on the latest DS titles, so even the very latest games will be trained and tamed within hours of hitting the shelves."


    Honestly, we still don't fully understand what the problem is. It's not the Action Replay, it's not the game, it's not the Game ID, and it's not the codes though. I suspect it has something to do with the firmware version of Action Replay that we're all currently using, but only the Code Junkies team can definitively answer that. However, we do know for a fact that Action Replay and Pokemon Black and White Versions absolutely can be compatible, but at this point in time, hundreds, if not thousands of people around the world are all experiencing this same problem. Which is where YOU come in!

    What You Can Do About It:

    Don't bother asking for help in the forums here. While the leaders here are skilled and intelligent, the people we need to focus our attention on to solve this problem is the team at codejunkies.com. They know Action Replays inside and out and without their help we'll never see this fixed.

    1) Fill out a Contact Form at codejunkies.com's help section. HERE FOR NORTH AMERICA or HERE FOR EUROPE. Please, include as much descriptive information as you can. Make sure to include whether you're using an ARDS, ARDSi, or whatever, what cartridge you're using (along with the Game ID found ON the cart itself), what system you're using (DS, DSLite, DSi, DSiXL) the game ID, any codes you're using, and a detailed description of the problem (like I detailed above).

    2) Email them yourself at Support@DatelDesign.com. Include as much descriptive information as you can. Make sure to include whether you're using an ARDS, ARDSi, or whatever, what cartridge you're using (along with the Game ID found ON the cart itself), what system you're using (DS, DSLite, DSi, DSiXL) the game ID, any codes you're using, and a detailed description of the problem (like I detailed above).727-431-0650 (US is free), 866-557-5596 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting**************866-557-5596******end_of_the_skype_highlighting (Canada I believe is free too), 0906 550 1236 (UK, apparently costs 1$ per minute or something)

    4) Tell anyone you know with an AR and B/W who is experiencing this problem about this thread, and what they can do to fix it.

    5) Fill out a "Service Ticket" on Datel's Customer Service site (it's different than their codejunkies site).

    I would suggest doing all four of these things, not just one, in order to put as much pressure on them to fix this as is possible. If they don't think this is much of an issue, they might let it slide.

    As soon as a fix is released, or codejunkies replies to any of my emails/phonecalls, I'll make sure to update the OP.

    Oh, and feel free to post if you are experiencing this problem. That way we can have a contact list for when the fix is released. It might be helpful if you can list what cart you're using, what system, and what firmware version of Action Replay DS or Action Replay DSi or whatever, you're experiencing this problem with too.


    According to user Darkened Earth, Datel has responded to several of his emails asking about the problem. In them Datel says they are working on an update to fix the problem. That sounds a lot like what they had to do for Japan, and is a very good sign.


    User Ste619 first noted and posted a link to a fix for this problem for newer ARDSi's. This fix is (as we expected) a firmware upgrade that makes the ARDSi compatable with Pokemon Black and White Versions (JPN). This fix does not work for older ARDSi's that do not have the micro-SD slot, or for ARDS's or for any other Action Replay. Just the newer ARDSi's.

    We don't have any word yet on wether or not Datel will be releasing a fix for older and other AR models, but it's likely. If you do not have a newer ARDSi, it's imperative that you contact Datel US and/or Datel UK from the various methods listed above and ask them if and or when they will be releasing a similar firmware upgrade for older and other AR models.

    [edit, almost final edit]

    Those effing @!*#%&@#$!! They said they wouldn't be releasing ARDS Firmware 1.71 till March 2011 so I went out and bought an ARDSi...

    ARDS Firmware 1.71 (Works With Black and White).

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