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  1. Alright Ill be waiting in the Wi Fi Club. Thanks a ton for your help.
  2. Friend Code is 4211 0874 6640. Any specific rules I need to abide by when selecting the pokemon you would need?
  3. If anyone would be willing to help me find my Secret ID(SID) it would be amazing. Im currently sending in my platinum to get the GTS bug/glitch fixed and want to practice breeding IVs/Shinies using the RNG/IRNG calculations using my copy of diamond, but in order to do so I need my secret ID. I dont have access to pokesav or AR, so Im unable to retrieve the SID myself without catching a wild shiny, and so far it no luck in doing that. If anyone with the ability to use pokesav would be willing to check out one of my pokemon and retrieve my secret ID, it would be most appreciated. (BTW if I posted this in the wrong place, sorry in advance mods)
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