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  1. Didn't know about Dongle Method, only knew of "trade" from Pal Park. Will Dongle work on HG/SS or will it be the same as playing the radio stations?
  2. Which games do you need to complete the Pokédex 100 % (excluding unobtainables which may only be obtained through official events) Do you really need Ruby AND Sapphire AND Emerald AND FireRed AND LeafGreen AND Diamond AND Pearl AND Platinum AND HeartGold AND SoulSilver? Or which ones do you need? Out of the GBA-games I only have Emerald for example. Do I need both R/S as well and both FR/LG etc. Ugh, Too many games and too much money if I need all of those for sure.
  3. I have a few questions. First of all, I haven't really played pokemon much since the original Gold/Silver versions. I have zero understanding of IVs/EVs, and have questions about breeding/stats. In G/S/C on GBC, if you had a shiny ditto and left it at daycare with another pokemon, supposedly the egg would have a 1/64 chance of being shiny as opposed to the normal 1/8192. Say I would get a shiny ditto in HG/SS, what would the odds of the baby being shiny be? Second question, on GBC you could deposit a Lvl 100 pokemon in a box after a series of battles (say Elite Four + Red + Trainer House) and have all the visible stats raise a bit. Will this work in HG/SS as well and does it work in the same way? Thanks.
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