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  1. The savelist.bin in DSTT automatically changes the size of some save files in order for the games to work normally, usually Pokemon and Zelda games. Otherwise, you won't able to save in game. Anyhow, DSTT is dying and that's why I bought a Acekard 2i. Surprising, the old save in DSTT works in Akekard 2i too, that's why I didn't bother to create a new game. Yet, I still unable to access the Pokemon Mystery Gift Editor even though I snipped away the extra parts. Did I do it wrongly?
  2. Tried that before. Still doesn't work. Keep getting these errors. Previously, I used DSTT and the firmware changed the save file to 1mb so the game would work. Right now, I just need to change it back to 512kb.
  3. My previous save file was 1MB and I chomped it down using hex editor into 512kb but it still doesn't work. Can someone be kind enough to help me solve my dilemma? I have zero knowledge in programming. 4748 - Pokemon HeartGold (U)(Xenophobia).sav 4748 - Pokemon HeartGold (U)(Xenophobia).sav