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  1. Here's the deal. I have a DS Lite, Pokemon Diamond, and an Action Replay DSi Max. The DSi Max advertises that it can run homebrew, so I assumed that I could run PPSE-DS on it, but when I am having problems running PPSE-DS through it, using my SDHC card. I go to files-PPSE-DS.nds (I have it in the root of the card), and this shows up on the screen ' Booting up PPSE-DS r8 Please stand by Initialization failed! argv [0] (null) argc 0 Programming by Chase MaxMod Sound System PokeLib r56 uLibrary 1.12 libNDS Release 1.3.8 ' -while the bottom screen shows only white. When I try to load HomebrewMenu.nds, all that shows up is white screens on top and bottom. I know that the PPSE-DS page says a list of compatible flashcarts, but I figure the Action Replay DSi Max should work too. Is there something I'm doing wrong, or is it just not going to work? Thanks for helping! Sorry about all the info, but I just wanted to make sure to be specific. More info available on request. -Jacob
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