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  1. game stop jirachi event

    can i get a wonder card and a cheat code for jiachi??

    and also can i get the jirachi from the green man in the pokemart

    (for pearl and diamond)

  2. can i get a ar code for wifi mew

    you could get at pokemon pearl and diamond

    thank you

    ps greatfully happy when its a code with a wonder card and

    where you could pick it up at pokemart

  3. I don't know. Wasn't the GS ball only available in Crystal? If this is indeed a remake, they might not include it and go the lazy way and make it an almost LITERAL remake like FR/LG (lol at Golbat evolving to a Question Mark). But I'm hoping there will be some way to get Celebi legit...

    the new movie is going to release the movie celebi than with that you can trigger the celebi event

    that let us get one

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