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  1. I see, but it was a legitimate trade. I checked out the pkmn I sent over to my Pearl game. They were legitimately found and caught in game, and simply used as place-holders to trade my dratini and porygon over to my Platinum. Both of those also said they were "Apparently met at Lv. 2". So, if it is a legitimate trade, between games, it will always say "apparently". After all, I will never have the exact same ID and SID with two game chips.
  2. Well, other than the fact that I made a level 5 Dratini, which you catch at a higher level... I think i still have the pokesav files, I'll try and run them through the checkers. Thanks, again.
  3. I created a level 5 dratini and a lvl 16 porygon on my Pearl game. It all checked out both on the PokeSav and in-game. I then traded the two over to my new Platinum game, and now they both say they were "Apparently met at [location]". Did I make some serious mistake? Why does it say "apparently met?" Thank you for any response.
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