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  1. Hey, as already mentioned it doesnt ban u if u have an emulator or even game roms on your emunand. just make sure u have the files to block nintendo servers on emunand. Today i transferred another save file with the same method i already used: as of today nothing changed, everything works fine.
  2. Hey, am back again, just to tell you that everything worked perfectly. Here is what i did for other people to not ask again and have a faster idea what they can do: -> I transferred my save data of PKMN scarlet from my non hacked switch to my sys stock on my hacked switch. -> Then I booted into syscfw and used jksv to make save data/back up. -> Afterwards I connected my hacked switch with my pc. -> The next step to was copy the whole folder of my save file to another location as a backup. -> Then I copied it again and edited that copy in pkhex. After that, I exported the edited file to the 2nd copy of main and replaced it. The replaced copy then was added into the save folder on my SD card of my hacked switch. -> I booted into syscfw restored the save file via jksv and then booted into stock sys. -> I used the regular data transfer method to get my edited save file from a hacked to a non hacked switch: press + on the games icon (both consoles): -> select data management and transfered the edited save file from stock sys (hacked console) to my non hacked one. -> i tested the game and went online with my non hacked switch. I joined a random raid and everything works fine. my edits also came through. if anything happens in the future i will share with you
  3. so with homebrew launcher you mean the gallery app that leads you to the homebrew right? and can i log into my nintendo account from my non hacked switch into the hacked syscfw without getting banned or do ihave to log into stock sys and then change to syscfw? and can i safely transfer save data from syscfw or do i have to always switch or stock sys?
  4. So I can safely log into my nintendo account on syscfw and then do data management? but how do i edit the saves if homebrew shouldnt be used on syscfw?
  5. So I have a hacked and a non hacked switch. I want to edit my PKMN Scarlet save file from my non hacked switch and keep it clean. So iirc you can only transfer save data by login into your nintendo account on both switch and then do data management. Can I do this by login into sysnand or syscfw without getting banned and also edit the save file and update it back into my non hacked switch? Or is there another way? btw I could not find any other thread that discusses this topic so i hope it is alright
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