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  1. THANK YOU!!! That was exactly my mistake, I forgot to change the OT gender!!! Works now!!!
  2. Top picture is my legitimate mewtwo. bottom picture is my wife’s genned mewtwo
  3. So I’m recreating the 7* raid Pokémon for my wife as she stopped playing SV but just got back into it. I’ve used the the “encounter database” and got the correct Pokémon. I changed the name/SID/TID to the correct ones. The issue is when I write it to my box is reads “apparently this pokemon was Lv 100 or from What I can tell the pokemon was lv 100”. In my game where I caught them during the event it says “this pokemon was lv 100”. How can I get it to say the correct thing?!?
  4. Has only by chance made a guide on how to setup and use this correctly lol? I’m super interested in hosting some Tera raids and my switch is already has CFW as is use PKHex often! If I happened to have missed a guide/video can someone please link it! Thank you all in advance and they type of software is fantastic!!
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