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  1. Hmm, it was the only way I could get the 6star raids to spawn for me... I will try more testing, maybe I am doing something wrong... Thank you for answering!!
  2. Thanks my friend, I love this tool and it had helped me farm up the herbas I wanted! But I wanted to know is there a way to manipulate the seeds to change the reward drops? for example, in your tool, this seed: 51BD1719 is for a 5iv Vaporeon that drops 10 herbas (two of each). Is there a way I can alter the counts to be more of each?
  3. Ok, so this is how I got this to work and if someone else knows a better way, please, please, PLEASE let me know!!! In my scarlet game save, raid 013 is my 6-star (the way you can tell where yours is is to cycle through the raid tab and the first 12 raids will say distribution, raid 13 says black6, and the rest, 014 to 072, will be base5). In your screenshot, you had raid020 set to black6 which would be tied to your 6star raid spawn. This can work (and believe it or not, I set all 72 raids as my 6star and they all appeared as such if you have the patience to do it) but you may have two show up on your map (three if your doing this when a 7star raid event is going on). I know earlier someone mentioned the day seed and this does affect the black6 raids because its a once-a-day spawn. So, what I did to get this to work was: 1. Turn off auto save!!! VERY IMPORTANT!!!! 2. Manually save the game 3. Advance the in-game day (this can be done pressing the switch menu button and go to the date/time setting. You could either advance the day on your switch or just move back the time one min. Either works and you don't have to close out the game to do this) 4. Return to game and you should see the outbreaks and raid spawns reset (verify by checking to see if you have a 6star on the map if not, advance the date another day), this has to happen to generate the new daily seed! 5. Manually save and close the game out 6. Backup the game save with jksv/checkpoint 7. Shut down the switch and move the sd card to your pc 8. Open up PKHex and open up the backup game save 9. After the game is opened, go to SAV -> RAIDS -> RAID013 and put the 6star raid seed there and mark it as black6 so it would show up as the lone "legit" 6star (you could also put that same seed or other 6star seeds in all 72 raid entries if you want to farm them all just make sure you set it to black6 otherwise they will not spawn - the content flag has to match the seed). ****Distribution is for the sparkly white pseudo event-type raids (think eevee and delibird), Black6 is for the 6star raids, base5 is the normal raids (think 1 to 5 star), and might7 is the event raids (think charazard and cinderace)**** 10. Export the game save back to the sd card and put it back into the switch and inject payload to start it up 11. Restore the game save using jksv/checkpoint and then start the game 12. When you get into the game, you should see new outbreak and raid spawn notifications (you should also see the new 6star raid you injected - as good indicator is see if the raid shows the same tera typing of the seed you injected and even more so if you seeded all 72 raid entries as a 6star) 13. Save the game and go farm them! I have to tell you that when the in-game time rolls past the "24hour" 6star raid duration, whatever raids you did not clear will reset to normal and the random 6star will spawn. You would have to do the above steps every time you want to raid an injected seed. As @MewTracker stated, doing a date/time skip during this would despawn everything because of the new daily seed so don't until you're done farming the injected seed(s). My switch has not and probably will not go online from fear of being banned. I turned off the time sync and manually manipulate the time on my own and had no issues with anything ingame. Once in awhile I get time sync notification with the cfw but it lets me acknowledge and clear. Hopefully this helps, mang.. cheers. EDITED for proper engrish
  4. I was actually able to do this with the Charazard event with PKHex... there was some files located in the gen 9 event download section in the forums. It will tell you how to edite four or five separate fields under the block data section. After you alter those fields, inject the save and load it with jksv/checkpoint and move the system date on your switch to a day that the event happened. I was able to do it that way.
  5. Thank you for your response, I really appreciate that! I will try and message you separately with more questions... Thank you!
  6. Yes, you can use pkhex for that... Backup your game using checkpoint/jksv and put your sdcard into your pc. Run pkhex and open your save backup. Navigate to the box where that pokemon is and right click on it and select view. Once it is showing (you will see the sprite for it in the upper center area, select OT/Misc tab (fifth one) and change the OT, SID, and TID there. After you enter your information, right click over the pokemon and select set. Export the game save to the sdcard install the card into your switch, boot into cfw, restore the save with checkpoint/jksv, start up pokemon sv, and done...
  7. Hello @MewTracker! Just wanted to say this is awesome and I am also fascinated with raid seed injection (i played around with it in sw/sh before it was patched over) I had a few nub questions since I am relearning it with sv. Is there a way to view your seed text files and see what pokemon each seed id is without having to view it individually in the viewer? I am interested in hosting the herba mystica seeds on my cfw scarlet copy for my non-cfw violet on my other switch (they all just seem to be Amoonguss, Cetitan, Vaporeon, Farigiraf, or Dondozo)? I am hoping for maybe a Ditto or something else or can you point me in the direction to read up on how to manipulate the drops on my own on other seeds. I cannot find any tutorials of anything on how to do this stuff. for pkhex though from your previous post I saw some screenies on how to inject the seeds to the raid tables... I took a single seed and put them in all of the 6star raids and got all black5 nods with Amoonguss dropping 10 herbas, lol... Thank you for your hard work!
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