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  1. I started playing with raidcalc and raidcrawler, ive red through a lot of the readmes and its starting to make sense. i now have a few questions that i would love your input on > when attempting to connect my switch to raidcrawer, it says "no connection could be made because the target machine refused it." how do i get that to connect, and is it necessary? > i found a nice seed on on raidcalc, but not exactly sure how to get the seed into my game... > your thread talks about manipulating the raid.. am i able to change whats in the raid and host it either locally, or with a close friend? example: a shiny eternatus raid..? or example 2: a normal wigglytuff raid where it drops like 10 herbas or maybe some unreleased items? is that possible? if so how? {dumb addon quetion}: if i figure out how to manipulate or "hack" raids, how likely is it that my console will get banned? my understanding is that piracy is the main way to get banned, and other cfw stuff is fine as long as its a legit copy of the game again thanks so much, im thankful for you sharing your expertise and knowledge. happy new year!
  2. wow this a cool thread. ive just found this, and i know im asking a lot, but would it be possible for someone to teach me to use/do this? ive figured out how to use pkhex and edizon, but this is much more complex and i would love to learn this. thanks!
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