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  1. Did everything I thought I was supposed to do: used the PID/IV generator to come up with legal stats, used my own trainer and secret ID, etc, and I can't get either of these codes to work in the game. Can someone point me in the right direction as to what I've done wrong? files.rar
  2. Tried changing that part of the code, and still nothing happens. Here's the .pkm's I have now, I went back and tried creating them from scratch, and they still don't work, so maybe someone can show me what I'm doing wrong in Pokesav. My goal was: Shiny Nidoran male in egg IV's: HP 30, SPD 30, ATK 29, DEF 28, SPATK 28, SPDEF 27 Moveset: Horn Attack, Leer, Rock Smash, Megahorn Ability: Rivalry Nature: Serious Shiny Charmander male in egg IV's: HP 30, SPD 30, ATK 29, DEF 27, SPATK 29, SPDEF 27 Moveset: Slash, Flamethrower, Metal Claw, Shadow Claw Ability: Blaze Nature: Serious Both of them to otherwise have the information that I attained them from the Pokemon Daycare. How far was I off in the .pkm files of achieving this? What do I need to change in order for them to work? Again, thanks a lot. test2.rar
  3. Ok, I'll admit to being totally new with the AR, but I'm feeling like quite the moron right now. I can't seem to get any of the XML codes I create with Pokesav to work in my game. Yes, I'm using Pokesav Platinum for my platinum game, importing everything (to the best of my knowledge based on the instruction manual) correctly, and the codes appear on my AR when I turn on my DS, but they are not having the desired effect, and I'm lost as to whether there is a problem with how I'm trying to activate them or if I'm doing the wrong things in Pokesav. All I'm trying to accomplish is having 2 eggs appear either in slot 5 and 6 of my party or in my box, eggs that look completely legit, as in having received them from the day care. the stats are kinda buffed, but not max, and the movesets are custom. I've attached them in a .rar, can anyone show me what I've done wrong? Any help would be most appreciated. tests.rar
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