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  1. Okay I figured it out. You have to manually type in .sav when you are saving the new file. Also make sure you've extracted the ROM into it's own folder.
  2. No it was a .sav when it was imported. You can see this in the image I uploaded. If you look at any pk hex tutorial on youtube you will see the export main function i am describing and when people click it - it exports an edited .sav just like you would expect. If you google something along the line of "cannot export pkhex" you will find several instances of people describing this problem. Also the OP mentions how its there on his old PC but not on his new one. This seems to be the core issue.
  3. in my case its a gen 3 game. let me assure you the file it generates is not a useable .sav file
  4. Looks like this when I mouse over it - export main is simply not there.
  5. I am also having this same issue. Please help!
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