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  1. yeah, i can imagine it, even extracting the CIA to get the rom was a bit tedious, anyway i hope this catches the interest of somebody at any point and manages to pull it off, since the event from the vc version is a little different from the one of the cheat code
  2. yeah, i imagined that, when i extracted the cia there were several .patch files, i know that there's a way to get the even via cheat code or get the celebi via pk2 ( i already did this) and i also managed to load a save from the VC version on the emulator with the event and it loaded it just like the VC Game, maybe there's a way to discover what patch file is the one that contains the event and either, inject the event to the save or the rom
  3. Hello, i was wondering if there's a way to get VC Celebi on emulator, i tried to dump the VC Rom and got it working but after beating the league i didn't get the event on goldenrod poke center, it looks like that the patch for the GS Ball is not already injected on the rom but on one of the files of the game, is there a way to inject the event and make it work exactly as the VC version?
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